aGo G5 and 510 Thread Accessories

aGo G5 and 510 Thread Accessories
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Our aGo G5 / 510 thread accessory kit comes packed complete with all that you will need to keep on using your portable vaporizer pen. It makes for a perfect replacement of factory original lost or broken parts and accessories. It also works great as your own second kit to leave in the car for travels or in the office for putting in extra hours at work. Everything you need to keep on charging, cleaning and loading your vaporizer is inside this kit, including wall and USB chargers, cleaning brush, dab tool, and two contact springs. Between the provided USB charger and wall charger, you will never be running low on power again with the ability to charge nearly anywhere you go! Keep your equipment in new and pristine condition with the easy to use cleaning brush included in this accessory kit. Maintaining a clean vaporizer will help increase the longevity of your product, saving you time and wasted money. Apply various oils to the coil or heating element without scratching or marring the internals of your vaporizer with the dab tool. Using the dab tool properly instead of other foreign objects will help guarantee you do not damage your vaporizer pen. Doubling as a scraper, the dab tool can also help you scrape out the hard to clean residue when you are done vaping. A notorious issue with using dry herbs is the problem of uneven or incomplete “burn”. This occurs when only a portion of the dry herb material you are trying to smoke is being used and the other portion remains un-vaporized. This is the result of the herb content not being in close proximity to the heating element. Use one of the two provided springs to eliminate this problem once and for all. The springs will make sure your herbs of choice remain in close contact with the heat source, nearly guaranteeing full and even use of your favorite smokeables. Once again, this will help keep your hard earned cash in your pockets and save you time as well! Purchase this accessory kit today for your aGo G5 pen or for any other portable vape pen using the industry standard 510 threading and renew the vaping experience from your favorite pen!

This is the perfect dual use or triple use vaporizer set for anything 510 thread. It comes with a wax dabber tool, dry herb cleaning brush and finally the 510 thread connection USB charger along with a wall charger. Everything you need for a travel pack all in this accessory kit.

Comes with:

  • 1 x Wall Charger
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Dab Tools
  • 2 x Springs