Ago G5 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

Ago G5 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer
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Unfortunately, the Ago G5 has been discontinued. We recommend the following two devices in its place.


Ago G5 Features:

  • Upgraded 900mAh Long Lasting Battery
  • LCD Display on Battery for Puff Counter and Battery Life
  • 510 Thread Connection
  • 1 Year Warranty (with manufacturer)
  • Very Discreet Pen Like Feature
  • Easy to Use - One Button Control

One of the best models of the Ago is hands down the Ago G5 dry herb vaporizer kit. Small enough to fit in your pocket yet packs a huge hit. The Ago G5 herb vape comes with an LCD at the bottom of the battery showing the amount of hits taken and power remaining. The icon will show along with 5 lines to stay the amount of charge left. This herbal vape and dab pen can be used to vape dry herbal materials and can also be used for wax’s and oils. This herbal vaporizer is special for a few reasons, the main one being that it is 510 thread. 510 thread is usually the universal threading connector for vaporizers meaning you can switch chambers and tanks without worrying too much if it’s going to fit before you try it out. This portable herbal vape is the best because of its price for a starter kit. All you need is this one kit ready to go. The fact that an herbal pen is so sleek, stylish, and portable is the reason this has stayed in the top 5 vaporizers for dry herbal vape pens. There must be a good reason why so many companies are trying to remake the same product and re-brand it there own. It is no secret as to why this has been rated one of the best dual use vaporizer. It’s one of the best and most efficient vaporizers out right now. It’s incredibly easy to use and this latest model has an improved battery life. Now you can take it anywhere you want without worrying about charging.

Ago G5 Dry Herb Vape Pen Includes:

  • 1 x G5 Battery with digital display
  • 1 x Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • 1 x Chamber Connector
  • 1 x Ceramic Filter
  • 1 x Mesh Filter
  • 2 x Spring
  • 1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush Tool
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x USB & Wall Adapter (US)
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

Battery Life on the Ago G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Ago battery life on this is wonderful. Only takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge up and you are able to vape for at least 2 continuous hours. The 900mAh Ago G5 battery has an LCD display so it helps you know when it is coming up for a re-charge. Please make sure to fully drain the battery before you charge again. The LCD has a display that shows how many hits have been taken and how much juice is left. Use this to your advantage to switch out the battery before it dies out or to take your last few hits. If you're Ago G5 is not lighting up the coil, sometimes it needs a master reset. Click the power button 15 times really fast, wait 3 seconds then click it 15 times fast again. You can also leave your finger on the power button while it is charging to reset the numbers back to 000.

Ability to be the Best Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Pen

Boasting the title of “Best Vape Pen” available on the marketplace today, the sleek Ago G5 heats up to provide a hearty plume of vapor in just 5 seconds. Easily concealable at roughly the thickness of a common sharpie, this vape pen will provide countless discrete puffs in even the most public of surroundings. Not one to limit itself to dry herbs alone, this extremely versatile pen is one of few with the ability to take a steady diet of dry herbs, oils, and waxes when utilizing the advanced 3 in 1 vape pen.

Use the available honeycomb screens to ensure the dry herb you are using does actually get vaporized rather than over heating and possibly burning. The heating chamber is made from ceramic providing even a uniform heat to the items you are vaporizing while keeping the external surface of the Ago G5 weed vaporizer cool to the touch. Also constructed of ceramic are the amazing filters which do a perfect job of keeping the stream of vapors free from small particulates of legal herbs. This essentially guarantees the vapor flowing from the rubber mouthpiece is completely contaminant free and healthy.

Never worry about having battery issues in your vaporizer pen again because the Ago G5 dry herb and wax vape pen not only has a USB/wall charger that allows you to charge the powerful Lithium-Ion battery practically anywhere. It also has an easy to read LCD indicator screen built right in. The display takes it a step further and also counts the amount of puffs you have taken on each charge! The counter conveniently resets itself after each recharge, giving you a good idea of the amount of usage to expect in between charges. The overall charge time itself is about 20% quicker than similar dry herb vape pens currently marketed. The set also includes a few extra goodies such as a useful cleaning brush, a scraper/pick tool used scrape out used herbs, oils, and wax, but also a set of optional to use springs. The springs are used to ensure the dry herbs keep close contact to the screen, resulting in thorough burns and less wasted product.

How to Use the Ago G5 Herbal Vaporizer Pen

When you first order and get your vaporizer, take a minute to skim through the manual. Then try out the ago battery. Click the power button 5 times quickly to turn the battery on. You will notice the LCD screen flash "ON" then it will display either 000 or numbers along with the battery icon. If you realize you need to charge the vaporizer, put it into a USB or wall charger and charge it for about 2-4 hours. When charging, the charger will be red and when it's done it will turn to green. Unscrew it from the USB adapter and attach the dry herb chamber followed by the mouthpiece on top. If you have a honeycomb screen, throw that on top of the coil before you start packing your herbs. When you load your herbs in there make sure you know what herbal grind level you want. Different vaporizers have different grind levels depending on whether they are conduction or convection vaporizers.

After you screw the mouthpiece back in, the spring should be pushing the herb down. Press the power button on the ago battery and the coil will heat up. Keep your finger on the power button 3-6 seconds to make sure it gets a nice even bake all over. Give it 2 seconds after you press the button before you start inhaling the herb vapor from your mouthpiece. Open it to check if it's done. If so, empty it out by gently tapping the chamber while the pen is upside down. Every 3-4 uses, you can use the brush tool it came with but make sure not too press down too hard to not damage the coil. Using the wax concentrate tool should be taken the same steps in order not to damage it. Lightly put the concentrates on the coil.

Customization of the Vape Pen

The customization level of the Ago G5 is phenomenal. Thanks to its use of industry standard 510 threading, you can easily customize this hot little vape pen with countless different glass globes and atomizers without worrying about hurting this robust vaporizer. In fact, this dry herb and wax vaporizer pen is able to be customized with the popular Protank and Nautilus tanks. These simple mods will result in thick vapors from each puff, impressing even the most seasoned vaporizer connoisseurs with this affordable yet high quality vaporizer.

How is the chamber on it?
The chambers on the Ago G5 are the circular flat coils mostly used for dry herbs. The outer part of the inside of the chamber is ceramic. This chamber has no plastic inside or around the coil as we are not the biggest fans of heating and inhaling plastic. We always recommend glass or ceramic.

Does your aGo G5 come with an extra chamber and can I purchase additional coils?
No, it does not come with any extra chambers unless you buy the 3-in-1. However we do sell extra coils in our Vaporizer Accessories category.

Is it the whole starter kit which comes with the charger or do I need to purchase a charger?
Everything you absolutely will need comes with this starter kit ready to go. It even comes charged. Use it until your first charge is over and you need to charge again.

How long can I expect it to last?
Depending on how often you use it and well you take care of it. Its not good to over pack it or keep charging it. These are main ways to ruin your vaporizer pen. Make sure you drain the battery and pack small. Also make sure it is finely ground and crushed.

Is it 510 thread?
Yes which is what makes this vaporizer so special. Almost any chamber, tank, or clearomizer will fit on this. Use it for eliquids or change up the tank and use it for concentrates.

Does it come with a carry case?
No, this specific set does not come with one however you can purchase a large or medium vape carry case in our accessories shop.


  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Voltage: Constant volts
  • Capacity: 900mah
  • Color: Your choice (select above)
  • Charge Time: 2-3 hours
  • Life of battery: 120 times cycle