Ago G5 Wax Chamber with Mouthpiece

Ago G5 Wax Chamber with Mouthpiece
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This Ago G5 wax chamber is the ultimate wax heating chamber attachment needed to make your oil or dry herb vaporizer into a wax vaporizer. Made to fit on the 510 thread, Ago G5 and many other similar vaporizers, it fits just as easily as the dry herb chamber. On this Ago G5 chamber, all parts can be detached and replaced. All parts on it include a rubber mouthpiece, mesh screen, spring, and the atomizer coil wrapped around a wick. The wrapped wick is where you place the wax on. Depending on the material, sometimes it’s a good idea to put the wax on while heating up the coil. This helps the wick get soaked so it stays wet and does not burn out from being too dry. You still must use caution when putting the wax on the coil as it may be loose or brittle from a lot of use or wax build up. A dab tool is recommended to make sure you’re not poking at it with the wrong tools.

How to use the Ago G5 wax chamber:

  • Unscrew the two screwed on chambers.
  • Use a dab tool to pick your material.
  • Carefully drop or place the material on the coil. Sometimes it will be ideal to heat up the coil while putting the wax or material on the coil.
  • Close the two chambers.
  • Vape away!

What not to do with the wax chamber:

  • Do not poke at the coil.
  • Do not leave the heating element on for too long.
  • Do not over pack it to the point it’s clogging the coil.

For the pros, this atomizer has a resistance of 1.2 Ohms and can only fit on ego or 510 thread batteries. The dimensions on it are 3.15 in. (80mm) x .55 in. (14mm) weighing at .93oz. The threads are almost universal with any other battery but the Ohms may not be enough. As of right now, we only have black and blue as those have always been the best sellers for us. This is why we only offer black and blue in the ago g5 multi-function. There are holes on the side covered by a stainless steel/chrome finishing, these are holes to carb the vapor. This helps with clogging and letting more air flow through.

If this Ago G5 wax chamber attachment does not suit your style we also have a glass globe attachment which is also almost universal, fitting on 510 threads and ego threadings.