AirVape XS GO Vaporizer

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AirVape XS GO Vaporizer
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  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Isolated Airpath
  • Ceramic Oven
  • 5 Calibrated Temperature Settings
  • 5C High-Rate Discharge 1200mAh Battery
  • 20 Second Heating

With an exciting name like AirVape Xs Go, the device has a lot to live up to and in the case of this vaporizer, it meets all the expectations of its name and more. If we could describe this vaporizer in one word, “transcendental” would be suitable as it is unlike any vape you have tried or will try in the future. For those who have come across the Airvape XS Go and who think that it might be the right vape for them, here is a guide that will provide you with a thorough review of each of the components of this vaporizer. 


The Airvape XS Go is one of those vaporizers that looks massive online but is impressively small once you get your hands on it. This device falls just below four inches in height and is only one inch wide and one inch deep, making it a very compact vape for those who are worried about toting around something that is too big or too noticeable. If it weren’t for the beautiful design of this product, which deserves to be shown off, its size would make for something that would be completely invisible!


As you can imagine, the small size of the Airvape XS Go makes it the perfect product for vape enthusiasts who want something that they can easily carry around with them. Additionally, the weight adds an extra layer of portability as this compact vape weighs in at only 2 ounces (0.1 pounds)! The only thing there really is to be concerned about when carrying this device around is that the mouthpiece stays on and that you don’t have pockets with too many things in them that could get stuck in the mouthpiece. Other than that, this vape is a great option for those who need a portable product.  


With a body made from durable ABS plastic, this little vape is designed to be able to guard against damage that comes with carrying it around as well as use. However, that doesn’t mean that it feels harsh. In fact, there are little contours on the side of the device that allow for an ergonomic grip that feels smooth in the user’s hands and makes it harder to drop during a session. Paired along with a single-button use design, 5 LED display lights to indicate temperature settings, and a packing tool concealed on the back of the device, you can tell that care went into the construction of this device. 

Vapor Quality - Ceramic Oven

Because this is a budget vaporizer, you are not going to have the best vapor quality but you are still going to have one that is good. The flavor of the quality varies but it is said that you can get the best flavor quality when you have your vape set to the middle heat setting. Unlike other budget vaporizers, however, the Airvape XS Go is said to produce much larger clouds and this is great news for those who are a fan of taking massive rips on the go. 

Isolated Vapor Path

From the hybrid heating system to the mouthpiece, the vapor is protected (even though it may not come out as great as expected). With a ceramic oven and an isolated airpath, your dry herbs are going to make it through your device untainted. 

5 Temperature Options

The Airvape XS Go comes with five temperature presets that can be quickly cycled through when you first turn on your device. Before you allow your device to heat up, you can choose between 355°F, 375°F, 390°F, 405°F, and 420°F. Although this may not be as extensive as some other vape offerings, these settings will effectively cook your herbs and will also make sure you don’t accidentally burn them while using the vape’s powerful hybrid heating system. 

1200mAh Battery

Speaking of hybrid heating systems, some users may already be concerned about the power capabilities of this vape. The Airvape XS Go comes with a 1200mAh battery that is said to last around 4 sessions before it needs to be recharged. Fortunately enough, this battery is removable so that you can have another on standby and, if you don’t, the vape still manages to charge up in an impressive 45 minutes. (Because this battery is not a common battery, it is important that you make sure you have the right equipment before buying more as nothing is more disappointing than purchasing a battery for your vape and discovering that you will still have to charge it in your vape!)


As with the other features of this device, cleaning this vape is simple and requires little time or hassle. For the mouthpiece, simply remove it from the device and then soak it for a bit in some isopropyl alcohol to get rid of all of the built-up material. For the inside of the device, a q-tip dipped in a bit of isopropyl alcohol and then applied to the sides can easily take off any residue. You will just need to make sure that you keep up with cleaning as it will be much more difficult to clean or use your device properly if too much material builds up inside of your vape. 


Big things come in small packages and you will definitely experience that when you purchase the Airvape XS Go. If this little vape has caught your eye, use the guide above to learn more about the overall performance and ease-of-use! 


  • 1 x AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charger
  • 1 x Replacement Screens Package
  • 1 x Cleaning/Loading Tools Package
  • 1 x User Manual