Aspire Nautilus X


Aspire Nautilus X
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Unfortunately, the Aspire Nautilus X has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.


The name “Nautilus” is connected in the historical background of vaping. In fact, when Aspire developed the Nautilus and Nautilus mini tank “glassomizers” years ago, it led to the introduction of modern type of e-cigarette products. The pen vape style atomizer like the Nautilus paved way to the marketplace, where the tanks have e-liquid capacity, adjustable airflow and more powerful. The new Nautilus X Tank adheres to the quality of Nautilus products. Below is a detailed description of this popular atomizer.

Aspire Nautilus X Tank Overview

The Aspire Nautilus X Tank atomizer is designed with a unique U-tech coil technology for flavorful vaping and excellent airflow performance. From its exterior, this latest vape has the resemblance of the original Nautilus coils the only difference is you will need to screw it on top instead on the bottom part. One of the best features of this vaporizer, is you can easily fill it up with vaping materials, making it super easy for beginners. Leakage would be impossible because the airflow comes from the two tiny holes on top.

Features and Specifications of Aspire Nautilus X

  • Made from glass, stainless steel
  • Delrin design
  • Fully adjustable airflow
  • 2ml liquid capacity
  • Gold plated 510-threaded centerpin
  • Comes with replacement 2ml glass tank


At closer inspection, the Aspire Nautilus X Tank exhibits elegant look due to its stainless steel finish that comes in two shades, black and copper. Users have the freedom to choose the perfect match to your battery or MOD. The top and bottom rings of Aspire Nautilus X Tank don’t only show stunning appearance, but also offer easy grip, making removal and replacement less complicated.

Manufacturing Quality

The Aspire Nautilus X Tank atomizer showcases quality craftsmanship with its high graded 304-stainless steel made. Durability can be envisioned all throughout the vaporizer. Extremely light in weight and assures buyers of having a vaporizer for long-term use due to its rust proof feature.

Pyrex made e-juice reservoir

Another amazing feature of the Aspire Nautilus X Tank is its e-juice reservoir which is made from Pyrex glass. Glass made material is proven to be resistant from erosion, produces cleaner and flavorful vaping materials and would never tarnish or weather over time due to prolonged usage.


Most glassomizers sold in the market come with preassembled Phyrex glass tank and this make it a great aesthetic customizing feature. The Aspire Nautilus X Tank has a transparent glass while the replacement glass tube is frosted, allowing user to use setup the preferred glass tube based on his or her mood and preferences. Having a replacement glass tube comes pretty handy during accidental breakage or cracks.

High grade Delrin Drip Tip

The Aspire Nautilus X Tank atomizer comes with high grade Delrin (Polyoxymethylene) drip tip. When applied on vaporizers, the Polyoxymethylene is excellent in being resistant to abrasion and friction. It also has low water absorption and high resistance to heat. So, users can expect the mouthpiece to remain cool all the time when in usage.

Hassle free vaping experience

This is one of the best features of Aspire Nautilus X Tank atomizer it guarantees users of easy usage. The Nautilus X Tank removed already the tedious task of unscrewing it from the battery including the base where you need to refill the tube with e-juice. Instead, the Aspire Nautilus X Tank atomizer is designed with a top fill feature, where users can effortlessly unscrew it to refill as needed.

Leak proof

Aspires excellent engineering assures users of leak proof while vaping. Its top-down design is geared to prevent any leakage, giving users only pleasurable vaping sessions.

Advanced airflow control valve

Lastly, among the top features that the Aspire Nautilus X Tank atomizer is proud to have is the advanced airflow control valve. Here, accurate air intake control is achieved by simply rotating the adjustment ring while taking a hit.

I do hope this product description shed some of the features you need to pay attention when scouting for a top performing vaporizer. Take time doing research of what most portable vaporizers have to offer. If you are still uncertain which model to buy, ask referrals from friends who have been using the Aspire Nautilus X Tank atomizer and get their personal views.