Atmos Jump Vaporizer


Atmos Jump Vaporizer
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The innovative team at Atmos Nation, LLC is at it again with the Atmos Jump Vaporizer that was first released in 2015. Using their own cutting edge proprietary technology and finely educated engineers this vaporizer is the smallest yet from the Atmos brand.

Aside from the teeny, tiny body style the vape features an anodized heating chamber that is suitable for dry herb vaping only, it is immensely discreet. That’s not just because this dry herb vapor is less smelly than smoke. This vaporizer pen both looks and works like an e-cigarette. The portability and discretion of the it makes it an ideal choice for those looking to vape while out on the town. Get away with vaping dry herbs almost anywhere at any time of the day when using the Atmos Jump vape pen.


One exciting innovation with the Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer is the strong and stable outer shell of the unit. The extra tiny technology is extra protected because the outer shell is made from an enduring heat safe grade carbon fiber. The Atmos portable herbal pen measures only 6’’ high and has a 0.25’’ diameter, truly one of the smallest pens that has been out on the market today. The outer shell of the Jump is made with durable carbon fiber metal. This hard metal works as a protective layer to the technology within the vape, extending the lifespan while also giving the device a sleek appearance. The design of the Jump vape is similar to popular e-cigs, which can help make it a bit more discreet when attempting to vape in public.

The anodized heating chamber is made from ceramic glass that is warmed up by a stainless steel coil that is embedded beneath the dry herb chamber. Each Atmos Jump battery will allow 4 hours of continuous use as long as it has received a full charge. The lithium ion battery can be efficiently charged using a micro-USB unit that is powered by a regular sized USB connector. A battery in this unit can hold up to 1200mAh which is why it delivers such a huge amount of vaping time on a fully charged battery.


The Atmos Jump Vaporizer functions on a 100% convection style dry herb chamber. This ensures that the herbs are baked evenly and not simply burned by being applied directly to the heat of the stainless steel element. It works using heat safe grade carbon fiber to distribute the heat given off by the stainless steel heating coil. The chamber is wider than the one that is in the Atmos Boss, which makes it easy to pack. It can hold up to 0.4 grams of dried herbs that are finely ground. The dry herbs will never directly touch the heating element and the carbon fiber creates the perfect temperature chamber for evenly vaped, great tasting herbal vapor.

How to Use the Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer

To activate the heating element push the power button 3 times fast. After pushing the button 3 times rapidly the light behind the power button will turn on and begin heating. Atmos Jump heat up in about 45 seconds to the desired range temp of 400°F. This is an optimal temperature for dry herbs to get all of the valuable terpenes in the vapor. As we said before, pack sure it is ground up before you pack it into your bowl. Close the mouthpiece onto the chamber and press the button waiting for about 45 seconds for optimal vapor. The light will turn green when it is done heating up. To turn off the unit just push the power button 3 more times and the light will flash off, this means that the battery life is contained and the piece cannot operate until being clicked 3 times fast. The clicking 3 times is a safety feature to make sure it does not turn on accidentally in your pocket.

Vapor Quality

For such a small dry herb vape pen, this piece puts out a seriously delicious amount of vapor. Other units that look similar to e-cigarettes won’t put out as much vapor as an e-cig usually would. Luckily the Atmos Jump puts out a large cloud of vapor due to the heating temperature of the anodized chamber. Vapors dissipate quickly and with a bit less smell than smoke itself, a great option for vaping on the sly. The wider chamber of the Jump also helps the evenly baked herbs to stay tasty with no undertones of burnt vapors on the exhale. One bowl can deliver enough hits for a session of 1 or 2 people, the small size of this pen doesn’t allow a lot of heads on a session of vaping. To get the best results from a brand new Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer, it’s wise to vape a couple of empty bowls to make sure that there isn’t any residue in the first few sessions.