Boundless CFC Lite


Boundless CFC Lite
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  • Portable and Compact
  • 3 preset temperatures: 384°F (Blue),  402°F (Green), 420°F (Red)
  • Conduction Heating
  • 3 Year Warranty (with manufacturer)
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Isolated Air Path
  • Removable 18350 800 mAh battery

With the explosion of the vape industry came the introduction of all sorts of vaporizer devices, each seeking to become smaller, lighter, better, and more affordable than the rest. One of these competitors is the Boundless Lite. Let’s see if it manages to best some of the other well-known competitors on the market.


If we could easily summarize the build quality of this vaporizer in a couple of words, they would be, “not bad but not great”. You can tell that the Lite was built with simplicity and affordability in mind as it shows in the build. As we stated above, most of the parts that went into the making of the body are either plastic or rubber, which doesn’t help to contribute to improved quality. The internals are not that much better, with generic ceramic chambers and pathways that provide the basic experience you would expect to get with a low-priced vape. It also has the same on/off mechanism that most cheap vapes having, making for a relatively low-quality handling experience.


As far as portability goes, the Boundless Lite is an excellent choice. This vaporizer is very small and lightweight, which makes it great for those who are looking to be discreet when they engage in a vape session. As far as body and looks, the Lite is not so much of a contender in today’s market. The design leaves quite a lot to be desired and isn’t the most attractive. In addition, a lot of the parts that make up the outside of this device are plastic or rubber, which simply can’t compete with other bodies of the more popular vaporizer that people can purchase. To put it simply, the Boundless Lite is a vaporizer with a design that is perfect for a beginner vape user.


As with the build quality, the vapor quality of the Boundless Lite is not absolutely dreadful but it is not excellent. The ceramic chamber helps to preserve the flavor but the small pathway makes for a harsh vapor that is hard to stand after a couple of hits, after which many have said that the herbs taste burnt. In addition, the vapor that is produced is not thick and cloudy. Instead, it is rather thin and whispy. Overall, the vapor quality leaves a lot to be desired.

Temperature Selection

Fortunately, one of the better features of this vaporizer is that it comes with three different temperature presets. These temperature options, which can be chosen by pressing the activation button, will display on the front of the device in different colors. Blue is the coolest temperature and will heat up to 385°F or 196°C, green is the medium temperature and will heat up to 403°F or 206°C, and red is the hottest temperature and will heat up to 421°F or 216°C.


The battery on this vaporizer is arguably the best feature as it does not follow the model of some other cheap vaporizers. The Boundless Lite vaporizer utilizes a replaceable, interchangeable 800mAh 18350 battery, allowing you to charge your dead battery and have another charged one on hand to make sure that you never have to wait for your device to fully charge. While the battery itself does not last as long as other options, the fact that you can remove it and replace it makes the experience much better.