Small pipes are extraordinarily helpful for those who want to smoke their dry herbs on the go. However, the fact that their smoke pathways are so close to the user’s lips makes for much harsher hits, which can irritate the throat and lungs if you smoke consistently throughout the day. Fortunately enough, innovation has allowed for the development of tools that offer a more desirable experience. If you’re tired of harsh hits but still want the convenience that small pies have to offer, you may want to consider purchasing a bubbler!

What Is a Bubbler?

Aptly named, a bubbler is a type of smoking tool that contains a percolator. In the same way that a bong or a dab rig cools down and filters a hit before you actually inhale it, a bubbler serves the same purpose. Put simply, a bubbler is a tool that utilizes water filtration in order to make sure that the smoke is filtered and cooled during each session. 

Why Is It Called a Bubbler? 

Have you ever smoked dry herbs from a bong? If so, you may already be familiar with the bubbling sound that it makes as you take a hit and the smoke is filtered through the water. Despite being rather simple, this is where the bubbler gets its name from. 


There are many benefits that come with using a bubbler over other pipes that you may generally use to smoke your dry herbs. Some of these benefits include: 

If you’ve been looking for a more compact bong experience, a bubbler may be worth looking into!

How to Use it? 

Bubblers are quite easy to use once you get your hands on one. To begin using your bubbler, simply: 


  1. Add water into the water chamber of your bubbler, making sure that it is enough to produce that bubbling sound but not too much to where water is going into places where it shouldn’t be. 

  2. Grind down your herbs and pack them into your bowl. 

  3. Light your herbs, cover the carb hole with your finger (if necessary), and take a hit. Remove your finger from the carb hole once you’ve finished. 

  4. Repeat!

Different Between Bubbler and Bong? 

A bong is a large, tall tool that is designed to heavily filter your smoke and let it travel up the main tube to your mouth. A bubbler, on the other hand, has a built-in percolator and is designed to look exactly like a pipe, providing the same functionally with the exception of the water feature. Put simply, you won’t ever confuse a bubbler for a bong as they are two very different products. 

A bubbler can be a great way to get the benefits of a bong without the inconvenience of its size. If you want to purchase a bubbler, use the guide above to get started learning more about them and how they function!