Ago G5 Ceramic Dry Herb Chamber & Mouthpiece

Ago G5 Ceramic Dry Herb Chamber & Mouthpiece
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Like other vapers, if you enjoy traditional dry herbs then you will love the Ago G5 ceramic dry herb replacement chamber with mouthpiece . This is one of the most technologically advanced chambers that both modern and traditional vapers can enjoy. There unique three in one formula has enabled them to become one of the most popular brands for vaping which is also what got there brand known and famous amongst vapers. Along with this, one of the most popular vaporizer replacement and accessory products is the Ago G5 ceramic dry herb replacement atomizer which includes the mouthpiece. It is used for heating dry herbs for endless hours of perfect vaping, this product has vapers everywhere excited.


Similar to other aGo products this ceramic dry herb chamber with a mouthpiece offers flexibility options that other brands can not. Its specifications are simple but nonetheless important to mention. One of the features is the threading connector on it is an industry standard 510 threading for ultimate compatibility. This means it can be used as a replacement and upgrades for Shaman, VaporMax, DIY, or the Ago G5. You can easily use the glass screen filter making it flexible with optional screens for clean and safe vaping, or can cater to vapers who enjoy a more combustible experience. This dry herb chamber is crafted from the highest grade ceramic materials to help vaporize dry herbs evenly. We offer them in in either black or blue color options and will be offering more colors soon.

The mouthpiece makes it easy for vaping sessions with your friends. It is rubber so it evaporates quicker in case someone puts their whole lips on it. Our Ago G5 dry herb chamber with the mouthpiece is one of the most affordable vaporizer replacements. The mouthpiece is very flexible and smooth.

This dry herb attachment is perfect for the avid dry herb vaper. The smell, taste, and overall feel of vaping traditional dry leaf herbs in their natural form is a unique experience in and of itself. This ceramic dry herb atomizer provides the smooth and customizable experience many vapers are looking for. Of course, not every individual wants to vape with natural dry herbs. Fortunately, this ceramic chamber enables users to vape both dry herbs and oils along with concentrates. It is important to note, however, that this is generally not recommened. The interchangeability between liquid and dry substances means endless possibilities for vaping. We do suggest getting a honeycomb filter glass screen to make it the ultimate vaping experience with this. The filter sits on top of the coil helping the herb vaporize through a convection process. The convection process is the vaporization through hot air and not direct contact with the heat sourc. Additionally, because the chamber is crafted from the highest grade ceramic, it evenly heats the dry herb in the chamber reducing the amount of waste, leaving you with a heavier wallet.

510 threading for optional compatibility

Because the chamber includes 510 threading, it is compatible with the majority of batteries on the market today all thanks due to the 510 ego threading connection on this. This means that you can easily upgrade your 510 thread, Shaman, Vapormax, DMY, and many other vaporizers that use 510 threading.

Additional tips:

  • As with other vaporizer products, it is important to know how to properly use, clean, and replace the aGo G5 ceramic dry herb replacement chamber. To help you out the following are a few tips you can use when you purchase this ceramic chamber.
  • Regularly clean and empty the chamber.
  • A brush tool can be bought separately to help with this.
  • Grind or break up your herbs by hand to increase airflow.
  • Gently pack dry herbs into the chamber, never force them down into the core.
  • Replace your heating coil often for optimum vaping.