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Smoking herbs can be fun, but vaping concentrates offers an experience like no other. In order to vape these concentrates, however, you are going to need something much more powerful and functional than just a lighter and a pipe. Vaping concentrates requires the support of dab rigs, specially designed glass pieces with the sole purpose of vaporizing wax and other hard substances. But what exactly is a dab rig, and what should you be looking for if you are just starting to shop around for one? If these questions are on your mind, let’s take a closer look at dab rigs to better understand what options you may want to look into. 

What Are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are vaping tools (typically glass pieces, although we will talk more about that later) that are designed to take high heat and filter vapors produced by concentrates so that the user can safely enjoy their substances. The best comparison to make is that a dab rig is much like a bong, although dab rigs have much more complex internal systems and are much larger. You will gain a better understanding as to why that is as we move further throughout this guide. 


A dab rig comes with many benefits in comparison to some of the other products currently available that are designed to vaporize concentrates. Some of these benefits include: 

Water Filtration 

Water filtration systems are helpful in removing some of the contaminants that may be found in hot vapors as well as helping to cool them down long before they reach the user’s lungs. Unlike bongs, which have relatively simple water filtrations systems, dab rigs feature quite complex water pathways that make sure the hot vapors have plenty of time to cool as they travel throughout the rig. These water filtration systems also look stunning, and you are sure to find plenty of dab rig options that offer the type of design you like most. 

Better Experience 

In the wake of vape pens, there have been many new devices designed to make the dabbing experience more portable and convenient. However, it is still not quite comparable to the experience that you get from using a dab rig. The fact that dab rigs are much larger (and therefore designed to give the vapor more time to cool down), made entirely out of glass (which preserves the flavors), and give you the opportunity to take bigger, cooler hits often makes them more desirable than other tools out there. Even if you do want to try out some of the other tools, it is always a great idea to have a dab rig on hand. 

Smoother Hits 

Smaller tools result in the hits being closer to the user’s mouth. Even if you are using something like a honey straw, which still contains a mini-percolator in the body, the hits won’t have quite enough time to cool off, resulting in harsher hits that don’t allow you to truly enjoy the taste of your concentrates. If you want a smooth, desirable hit each time you decide to take a dab, you are going to need a dab rig to get the most out of your vaping sessions. 

Different Materials for Wax Bongs 

As wast stated above, most dab rigs are made out of glass. This ensures that, as your vapors travel throughout the device, they go untouched by any potential contaminants, producing clean, pure vapors. However, there are a couple of different options that you may see while shopping, and it is important that we take a look at all of these before you go out looking for a rig of your own. 

Glass / Quartz 

Glass/quartz dab rigs are the pinnacle of vaping. Without featuring any additional pieces in the body that could potentially react to the heat or the vapors traveling through the rig, you are guaranteed untouched vapors every time you take a hit. Of course, there are some disadvantages to using a glass/quartz rig too. Arguably the biggest concern is the fact that these types of tools are susceptible to scratching or breaking if they are not handled with care. They can also be quite difficult to clean, even if you are someone who cleans their tools often. Keep this in mind if you have your heart set on a glass/quartz rig. 


If you’ve ever been a budget smoker, chances are you’ve used a silicone bong once or twice. This same design has been applied to dab rigs as well. The biggest benefit that comes with using a silicone dab rig over using a glass/quartz dab rig is the fact that this material is near impossible to break, making it perfect for those who have a tendency to break their glass pieces. Of course, it also comes with disadvantages, such as not getting a perfectly clean experience like you would with another type of rig. 

How to Use a Dab Rig 

Although these items are quite large and feature complex water filtration systems, they are actually quite easy to use! To get started, take your dab torch and run the heat onto the nail, letting it reach a red hot state. Once it has reached a sufficient temperature, place the dome over the nail and wait for anywhere from 10 to 45 seconds, making sure that it doesn’t cool off too much. Then, take your dabber (with the desired amount of concentrate) and apply it to the surface of the nail, inhaling and rotating the nail to make sure you vaporize all of the concentrates. Congratulations! You have just taken your first dab out of your new dab rig!

Wholesale Rigs 

Rigs can be expensive, and vendors who are looking to sell rigs to their customers need to make sure that they are paying prices they can afford and make a profit off of once they list or put those items in their store. If you plan on selling rigs, make sure to purchase rigs wholesale as this will allow you to buy larger quantities of rigs at discounted prices, providing you with inventory without costing you the full retail price. Most vendors will have a wholesale program and pricing sheet that you can view on their website. 

For those looking to use more concentrates throughout their week, having a dab rig is essential to the dabbing process. The guide above will help you better understand why you should own this tool, what considerations need to be made during the buying process, and how you can begin using your own when you find one that you like!