Dab Pens & Wax Vaporizers

What is a Wax Vaporizer?

A dab pen, also known as a wax vaporizer, is an electrical heating device made specifically for vaporizing concentrates or essential oils. A wax vaporizer can come in various sizes, heating coils, and even features. Sizes vary from a thin pen to a large handheld device.

Different features include being able to change the temperature at which your atomizer heats up to, auto shut-off option, different heating coils, and many more. Wax pen vaporizers prices can range from $20 to $200.


How a Dab Pen Works

A wax vaporizer pen is generally the easiest vape pen to use because of its simplicity. Some aspects are similar to how a dry vaporizer works by putting your material in, heating it and inhaling. With a dab pen, the packing portion is a bit different as you must be very diligent.

Wax pens usually come with a dab tool which lets you scoop up your oil to dab it on the atomizer. Atomizers can vary so depending on your coil and atomizer, you might want to be more careful as some are more brittle than others.

Once you put a bit of your concentrate on the coil, close the mouthpiece and press the power button. Your oils will start becoming more liquid and oily which will start to run around your atomizer. You can simply scoop it back up and put it back on the coil to reuse.


Benefits of a Wax Pen 

The benefits of a vaporizer wax pen are unlimited from discreet to quick uses. The amount of people using a discreet dab vape pen over a dab rig is astonishing and it’s only increasing.


One of the reasons why people switch to a dab vape for wax, to begin with, is the discretion you have from it. Smoking can still be considered taboo in many places so having the ability to have to use something and get away with it provides a step above smoking. Using a discreet dab pen can help you out in tough situations.

Eliminate Toxins

You don’t need a scientist to tell you smoking can be very harmful to your health. Smoking creates extra toxins along with exposure to tar. This can do a lot of damage in the long run. Wax pens are known the heat the material just enough to release the active ingredients whereas smoking is just burning the whole material. This means you will be getting fewer toxins and tars from vaping.

Fast and Quick Hit

Not many people have time to heat a nail with a torch. Wax vape pens help this process by allowing you to load your chamber and vape it all within a minute.


Most of us are busy throughout the week but we still want to take a nice hit quick. Portable wax dab pens let you do this when you’re on the go.


Being able to control the heat being expelled from your coil is very important. Playing around with the power setting can give you a leg up on finding the right flavor on a dab pen.


Different Types of Wax Vape Heating Coils

As mentioned earlier, a wax pen can come with different coils but the main one’s ceramic, quartz or titanium. They have different advantages to all three but at the end of the day, it’s all on your preference.

You can choose which material you want your atomizers to be but they come in a variety from single rods, double rods, and triple rods. The more rods there are in the atomizer, the bigger your hits will be.


Ceramic is generally a good bet because they are resistant to very high temperatures. This will ensure you do not burn off toxins or crack it. These work great with high viscosity waxes that are thick or solid.

Flat ceramic plate atomizers are generally the safest because you do not deal with silica or even metal coils. They also give the best flavor because they burn at a lower temperature. It does not give off a plume of vapor but it helps make sure it tastes better.


Titanium is fairly good too but can often give a funky taste depending on the quality. If it is made of good quality, you will notice it because it does not become brittle after 20-30 uses.


Quartz is another really good option because of its high-temperature resistant element. You do not have to worry about burning off many toxins. Quartz, however, does not absorb any wax so you will be burning most of it off.


A wick atomizer is generally good for thinner and less viscosity concentrate oils like the ones that are already runny or more liquid-like before you vaporize it. These are good because they absorb into the wick as you’re heating it which can give you the ability to go back for round 2 or round 3 without having to re-load the coil.

Silica wicks are generally wrapped around a titanium coil like our most popular and best seller, the Glass Globe Vaporizer.


Tips for a Dab Vape Pen

  • Make sure if you purchase a wax dab pen, you know if it’s specific to the material it uses. A dual-use vaporizer is also a wax pen and dry herb vaporizer, which can vaporize both materials.
  • Dab pens come with special coils that will not have enough contact or enough heat in the chamber to vaporize.
  • Having a deep dish chamber atomizer will help you vape longer without reloading as much. However, it can be harder to load smaller amounts. It also does not help when you want to scoop the bottom of the atomizer for runny liquid oil and reuse it again.
  • Always remember to not dab the coil too hard. After using it several times, it will get very brittle. You can still use it but it can break easier.
  • If the wax pen you want has a good warranty, it does so for a good reason. Manufacturers that stand behind their product will have a good warranty set up.
  • Always remember that these are electronic devices. With electronics, you tend to get what you pay for. With today’s technologies, vaporizers are lasting longer.
  • If you want a wax pen with nice features, pay a bit more. Buy it once and don’t worry about it later.
  • Make sure you prime the wick if your atomizer contains a wick. Making sure the wick is absorbed in oil is better to make sure it lasts longer. It helps the concentrate vaporize more efficiently too.

How to Choose a Dab Pen?


The first thing you need to think of before you dive into the different dab pens for wax is the price. Prices can vary from $20 - $200+. Some are very basic with just a battery, mouthpiece, and a small wick atomizer. Higher range units will have a variable voltage battery, several different atomizers, etc.


Make sure you know what you want. If you want an at-home unit, you can use some high-end desktop vaporizers. Most people will be using this when they’re out of the house and want something reliable. Find a portable wax pen if that’s what you want.


Make sure to read reviews because making sure your atomizer and battery vaporize efficiently. If a small dab of concentrates creates a big plume of vapor, that’s efficient. Taste of the vapor matters too.

Battery Life

You want to know your battery is big enough to last you a while. This means you need to sacrifice space because the bigger the battery the longer it will last. You want to find the highest mAh in a battery while making sure you keep it compact.

Temperature Control

Batteries having variable voltage or temperature control settings are very important. Not all concentrates are the same. Some need a higher temperature and some need lower so making sure your wax vaporizer can change temperature is a unique feature.

Different Coils

If your dab pen comes with different coils, this is a giant plus. You can use this as a trial and error to find which one you like the most. Different coils are going to give different results.