DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer


DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer
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DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Features:

  • Smart Path Technology
  • Power Boost Mode
  • 31% Smaller Than the DaVinci IQ - Really Lightweight
  • Adjustable Herbal Chamber Oven
  • 5 Year Warranty (with manufacturer)
  • Removable 18350 Battery
  • Zirconium Ceramic Vapor Path
  • Precise Temperature Controls
  • Anodized Aluminium Body

It wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer and the DaVinci IQ are twins because they are so similar. They have very similar profiles, same shapes, and the same feel. The MIQRO is a mini version of the IQ vaporizer. It is smaller by 33% The size is different, the battery is different, and the inside is different. It also comes with upgraded Smart Path heat settings. 

Ease of Use

The DaVinci designed the MIQRO vaporizer with the end users in mind. It is super easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The MIQRO allows you to adjust the oven size by 50%, consuming lesser herbs without having to sacrifice the vapor quality of your material. With the preset Smart Path controls, you can cycle through different vaping experience with ease.

There are three buttons on the side of the device. They're the power button, the up and down button for temperature and Smart Paths. To turn on the vaporizer, just click the power button five times in quick succession. Repeat the same to turn it off.


Traveling with a vaporizer that creates an unsightly pocket bulge can keep you from being taken seriously. With the MIQRO, you have nothing to worry about as it’s pretty small, which makes it even more discreet. In fact, the DaVinci Miqro is one of the smallest vapes you can find out there on the market today that performs as efficient as more expensive units.

Design of the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer

Build Quality 

The MIQRO is a durable vaporizer due to the high quality and strong material - a few minor drops won’t give you issues to worry about. It is made out of anodized aluminum which offers an ergonomic, elegant, and lightweight design. The device gives maximum portability and feels good when held in your hands. The DaVinci MIQRO features 15 LEDs that show the timer, temperature, and heat modes. Like a true performer, the MIQRO was designed to give you an unprecedented level of customized vaping experience.

Vapor Quality

The MIQRO is a smart vaporizer. Its size does not stunt its vapor quality. In fact, the MIQRO gives a more customized vaping experience than most larger vaporizers on the market. The vapor quality of the MiQro outperform that of other smaller vaporizers in its range.

The chamber, pearl, vapor path, and mouthpiece of the MIQRO Vaporizer are made of black ceramic zirconium. The difference is it produces a clean, flavorful taste for a conduction vaporizer. The extended mouthpiece helps to cool off the vapor as your draw.

Battery Life

A removable rechargeable 18350 battery powers the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer. A fully charged battery lasts for about 30 minutes on moderate use. This is not for vapers who enjoy long regular sessions. But the good news is that you can have more than one batteries, so you can easily replace it when you are running low. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to get to a full charge, and it supports a standard USB charger.


How to Use

The first step is to open the magnetic cover of the vaporizer. Then fill the chamber with your finely ground herbs and close it. For the best vaping experience, do not overload the oven. You can also use the pearl to adjust the size of the oven before loading the herbs.

Click the power button five times quickly to turn on the device. Use the power button to switch between Smart Paths mode and Precise temperature. Use the up and down button to select a Smart path or temperature. Once the heating is complete, you are ready to vape away.

Temperature Settings - Smart Path Heating

The MIQRO comes with full temperature settings ranging from 300°F to 430°F. It also features boost mode, stealth mode, and Smart Paths mode. There are four preset Smart Paths.

Smart Path 1 starts from 350°F and ends at 370°F, Smart Path 2 starts from 370°F and ends at 390°F, Smart Path 3 starts from 390°F and ends at 410°F, and Smart Path 4 starts from 410 and ends 430°F. You can select a preferred Smart Path using the up and down buttons. With the Smart Path, the temperature will gradually increase as you vape, hitting different temperature level and squeezing the most of the herb.

The stealth mode will rapidly reduce the vape temperature and turn off the LEDs to keep you discrete as well as conserving both your herb and battery life. To activate this mode, press the power and down button at the same time, and to reverse this setting, press the power and up button at once.

The boost mode enhances the heat of the MIQRO by rapidly increasing the temperature to its maximum. To activate this mode, press and hold the control button.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the DaVinci MIQRO is easier than cleaning its big brother. You can quickly remove and clean the pearl, mouthpiece, and vapor path without any hassle. The included cleaning kit allows you to do a quick maintenance after every vaping session. Just empty the oven after every use and brush to remove residue. Use the pipe cleaner to clean the vapor path.

For thorough maintenance, soak the mouthpiece in some isopropyl alcohol for about 10 minutes. Remove, rinse, and allow to dry before replacing them back to their original position. You can give the pearl a quick wipe.

Choosing the MIQRO Vape

The DaVinci MIQRO is the newest and smallest vaporizer on the market with loads of amazing features. It comes with every possible feature you could want in a vaporizer. The MIQRO is very flexible which allows you to customize your vaping experience. It looks exactly like the DaVinci IQ, but with some upgrades. Overall, the MIQRO is, no doubt, one of the best vaporizers out there today!

DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 x DaVinci MIQRO
  • 1 x Cleaning Kit
  • 1 x Micro USB Charign Cable