DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer


DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer
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Unfortunately, the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.


DaVinci Portable Vaporizer Includes:

  • DaVinci Vaporizer
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 2 x Oil Cans
  • 8 x Extra Screens
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer 2.0 Features:

  • Version 2.0 - Newest Model
  • Durable Unit
  • Clean Design
  • Flexi-Straw Mouthpiece
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control Settings
  • Longer Lasting Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Can be used with Herbs and Concentrates

As more and more laws are being changed in the United States, dry herb portable vaporizers are only growing in popularity. Soon, it can only be expected that the dry herb portable vaporizer will be as common as any other portable device. Some, like the Pax from Ploom, are already being featured on television shows like Broad City, but if someone is thinking about purchasing a vaporizer, the sheer number of vaporizers available on the market can be intimidating as it seems like a new company starts up with a new product almost every other day. However, if you’re looking for a clean, effective, and reliable vaporizer then you might want to consider the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer.

The Sibling Vaporizer

You might recognize the DaVinci brand from its brother device, DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

Portability of the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer

First off, portable is the name of the game and it’s the name of this vaporizer for a reason. The device is pocket sized and looks very inconspicuous. Some vaporizers tend to have bulky designs or simply cannot fit in a pocket so they have to be transported via carrying case which can cause a lot more trouble than it is worth, but the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer lives up to its name making it an incredible worthwhile investment for the user on the go.



Second of all, you have to make sure the discreet part is in check. You do not want to get weird looks as that might be uncomfortable. The DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer looks exactly like a walkie-talkie. The flexi straw even looks like an antenna.

Precise Temperature Controls

Another great feature of the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer is its amazingly precise temperature control. This is a problem for a lot of dry herb portable vaporizers but not this one as it allows a user to determine with great precision the temperature in which they would like to vape. The digital reader also allows users to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit as they wish. Switching between the two is as easy as holding the power button down for three second. The DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer can vaporize dry herbal materials along with wax which is exactly why it is so important that it allows the user so much control over the temperature. These two vaporizer at different temperatures.

Flexi Straw Mouthpiece

The DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer delivers quite an impact with its draw, but some users might find the device heating up too much on them. Instead of a glass mouthpiece, the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer comes with a heat-resistant straw where the user inhales their vapor. If heating becomes an issue, the user might want to invest in an elongated straw replacement for the device. The mouthpiece that comes with it is called a flexi straw due to the easy flexible straw like feature.

Battery Life on the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer

Battery life isn’t a big issue for some users of the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer, but it still has enough go for most. It can be used while recharging the device so the battery only becomes an issue when using it on outings where the user will not have access to an outlet like hiking trails. Even then it will last for a full 10-15 cycles.


Make sure your dry herbs are ground up well. Different herbs vaporize at different temperature so check for your herbs or materials. The DaVinci Portable Vaporizer ranges in temperature from 50°F (10°C) to 405°F (207°C). It takes about 30-45 seconds to fully heat up to your desired temperature. Make sure your herbs don’t fully fill up the entire heating chamber as this might not get your herbs fully vaporized.

Conclusion to the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer

In short, the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer is a great starting vaporizer. The DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer does deliver an impressive vaping experience for a great price. They offer a two (2) year warranty on the device which is wonderful as many will offer 1 year. Standing at only 3.9” x 1” x 2.25”, it’s no wonder as to why it’s discreet and easily portable. The DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer is a great starting point for the vaping novice who is ready to vaporizer dry herbs and concentrates.

The new DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer for dry herb and wax from Organicix Llc is beyond incredible. For those who enjoy both dry herbs and oils for their aromatherapy, this device is the perfect fit. As a portable discreet dual use vape, the DaVinci provides users with an opportunity to take their herbs and waxes with them, wherever they go. Combine all the essential portability factor with the unique efficiency of this units design, and you have the makings for one incredible dual use vaporizer. The DaVinci’s pocket-sized streamlined design is not only functional, but also pretty cool to look at. Anyone who chooses their vaporizers for portability will truly enjoy this product.

Additionally, most dry herb and wax vaporizer units are strictly confined to desktop space, however, the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer is far from it. In fact, it can easily be taken wherever its owner goes and fits nicely into a coat or jean pocket. Fortunately, the unit doesn’t sacrifice efficiency for size as the DaVinci provides full functionality in the form of other unique features.  It is also important to note that this is the second version of the original DaVinci model from Organicix Llc.

Features of the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer

Moving onto the features, the first thing most users will notice about the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer is its power. Although it uses a battery, this does not prevent it from pumping out high quality vape. In fact, the unit is surprisingly powerful, and provides users with a completely portable experience. As a dry herb and wax vaporizer, the DaVinci specializes in digital temperature control. Why is this important? Well, a dual use vaporizer requires superior temperature control because of the differences in textures. Dry herbs and waxes heat up at different temperatures, and the DaVinci caters to this difference. Users get to choose the temperature by using the customizable digital temperature control features.

Another hotly anticipated attribute of the new DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer model, is its internal storage component. This portable discreet dual use vape offers superior internal storage that allows users to store their dry herbs or waxes for travel purposes. No more struggling to fill the unit while traveling, instead the dual use vaporizer makes it easy on users with a massive amount of internal storage. Quick and easy access is extremely important, and the DaVinci certainly adds this to the list of features it possesses.

A flexi-straw material also contributes to the DaVinci’s functionality. This flexible material prevents breaks and protects the interior components from damage. Similar in nature to vintage antennas, the flexi-straw is perfect for a portable dual use vape. It also has the power to stand up to the devices demand for high heat, which is essential. A unique on/off setting makes it impossible for users to accidentally turn the portable dry herb and wax vaporizer on while in their pocket. A snap lid chamber and Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature setting complete the list of noteworthy features on the DaVinci.

Additional Features of the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer

Organicix Llc also included a unique self-enclosed cleaning brush in the dual use vaporizer, to prevent build up and to make it easier on users. Without the hassle of using an exterior cleaning and stirring brush, the portable dual use vape instantly becomes more attractive. Additionally, the DaVinci is equipped with an ergonomic grip that makes it all but impossible to drop the unit. If it does indeed slip through users fingers, the entire vaporizer is built to withstand significant drops.

No assembly is required for this portable discreet dry herb and wax vaporizer from Organicix Llc, another bonus for those who simply cannot wait to use their unit. With a heating chamber reaching temperatures of nearly 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 430 degrees  Fahrenheit,, this dual use vaporizer is perfect for aromatherapy of all kinds. DaVinci’s slick, modern design contributes to its overall functionality as well as its superior efficiency. Easy to use, and even easier to fill with oils and dry herbs, the DaVinci’s newest model is incredibly user friendly.

The Difference Between the DaVinci Vaporizers

E-Liquid and Concentrate Compatibility

The DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer takes concentrates and liquids. Drop your oil in one of the two glass oil jars and drop it in. The DaVinci is does not have the best efficiency when used with crumbly or dry concentrates.

Whether you’ve been using your portable dual use vape for years, or just now started an aromatherapy routine, the DaVinci vaporizer from Organicix Llc is the perfect unit for portable vaping. Start enjoying superior vaping today, with this incredible unit from Organicix Llc.

How to Use the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer

Making sure you have made your initial three hour charge until its full. The power switch is on the right side and can be turned on by switching it to the on (upwards) position which will turn the LCD temperature display on which shows the room temperature. Set your desired temperature on the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer since it takes about a minute to heat up. If you are new, start at around 355° Fahrenheit and work your way up slowly until you get your favorite blend of heat. While the portable dry herb vaporizer is heating up, you can pack your ground dry herbs in the herbal chamber. Make sure not to pack it all the way up and do not pack it tight to allow the heat to travel throughout the herbal chamber. If you miss the chamber and get it around it, use the cleaning brush provided to clean it up and get the most of your herbs. For concentrates or oils, each one comes with a can or a wick.

When the DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer reaches the selected temperature, give it another 20 seconds to fully vaporize it to its full potential and slowly take a draw allowing the heating elements keep its heat. The harder you pull the thinner your vapor will be but make sure you're not blocking the vents when holding the portable dry herb vaporizer. When you want to take a break or switch out the herbal chamber that is loaded for another new set of herbs, open the herbal chamber and toss the remaining out. With the cleaning brush provided, clean the inside out along with the edges of it so you don't build any excess residue.

Organicix LLC Commercial

Organicix Llc has partnered with Virgin Airlines to bring DaVinci Portable Discreet Vaporizer Commercial in front of a wider audience. This will help vaporizers in general gain a more spotlight.