Desktop Vaporizers

The vaping industry has a fight on their hands. With whom, you ask? The answer is, with desktop vaporizer manufacturers. Desktop vaporizers are far different from portable vapes. After all, desktop vaporizers stay in one place while portable e-pens are used whenever and wherever you like. But what precisely is a desktop vaporizer, and how is it used differently than other vapes on the market?


Desktop Vaporizer: Their Purpose and Function

Desktop vaporizers are typically crafted to include either a balloon style function or a whip style function vaporizer. The balloon style vaporizers are by far the most sought after and are also the most fun to use. They make vaping incredibly easy, and they also add a bit of portability to desktop vaporizers that aren’t available with the whip style vaporizer. The balloon style desktop vaporizer also is great for those who are sharing their medicine with others.

Whip style desktop vaporizers, on the other hand, are far from popular and are built with three parts: wand, tubing, and mouthpiece. The inconvenience of a whip desktop vaporizer is enough to make even avid vapers reconsider their hobby. With virtually zero flexibility, whip vaporizers aren’t for those who prefer convenience or portability.

Important Factors to Consider

Desktop, or table top vaporizers as they are often called, offer the most advanced form of vaping possible. They also provide the cleanest form of vaping currently known. They are much better at filtering out the toxins in cannabis smoke, leaving only high levels of THC and medicinal benefits. However, not all models of desktop vaporizers are created equal. Some carry certain features and accessories that are not available through other units.