DovPo Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod

DovPo Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod
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Unfortunately, the DovPo Firestone e-LVT Mod Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.


Whats In The Box?

  • Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod
  • USB 2.0 cord, mini USB, micro USB, lightning 8 pin apple cord, 30 pin apple cord.
  • Mini Wrench
  • 11 Page User Manual

Introduction to the DovPo Firestone E-LVT Mod Vaporizer

The DovPo Firestone e-LVT mod vaporizer. This mod is like no other! The e-LVT uses the latest intelligent integrated circuits, control circuits, executive circuits, and high power output circuit; allowing the battery and circuit work perfect to extend battery life.
made of zinc alloy and silicone technology, it is virtually indestructible! Perfect for anyone that is engaged in active sports, outdoors, always on the go, jobs in rugged environments, boating or water based activities, or if they're just prone to break things! This device can literally take the force of being ran over by a car and ran through a car wash. After all this it still functions as designed.

The Perfect Vaporizer for Pokemon Go

Have you ever wondered what's a good vaporizer you can use while playing Pokemon Go? The Firestone e-LVT is perfect for that because it can last a long time between charge so while you're in the city walking around for hours, you can keep vaping. The best part about it is that it has a power bank portable charger in it so you can charge your phone while you play Pokemon Go with just a vaporizer. Open the side pocket, switch the power to ON, connect the USB it comes with to your phone and start charging. You can charge just about any device from your favorite android to an iPhone and even an iPad. The only downside is that you cannot vape at the same time as charging. You can slide it to the OFF position to stop charging and take a quick draw of vapor then slide it back ON. Just remember to keep the vaporizer charged and as long as it is charged you can charge your phone. With a battery as big as these 18650 2200mAh, you won't have to worry about having battery life left in your portable vaporizer.

DovPo Firestone E-LVT Mod Vaporizer Features

The features on this vaporizer are insane. It is impact resistant and anti pressure engineered. There are videos created just to show this car being driven over by cars and it is still in one piece and working. It’s a no-brainer as to why the Firestone E-LVT is called the indestructible vaporizer. The E-LVT is also dustproof. It is water resistant but to a degree. For example, you cannot go scuba-diving with it, however it is very ideal for your next fishing trip in the sea or even when you relax at the beach!

The DovPo Firestone E-LVT mod vaporizeris also used as a power bank for your favorite on the go products through the USB out port. It supports various Apple and Android phones. The bottom of the DovPo Firestone E-LVT mod vaporizer, there is an LED emergency flashlight for those rough times. The 18650 2200mAh battery it comes with can be charged internally or externally, depending on your situation. The digital screen on the side of the vaporizer shows the batteries power and voltage. It is a variable voltage (3.0-6.0V) and variable power (3w-15w).

The Firestone E-LVT is 510 threaded which means it is standard and universal for most vaporizers. Almost any clearomizer, atomizer, tank, or chamber can fit on this rugged, dependable, and versatile vaporizer. Unlike many vaporizers, it has a built in battery short circuit and overcharge protection. It helps the battery from dying out quicker also.

In the box comes, one Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod vaporizer. It also has one usb 2.0 cord, one mini usb, one 8 pin apple cord, and 30 pin apple cord. A rule of thumb is that for every 100mAh you can vape for 1 hour. The mini wrench is also included to open the battery compartment in the back. This vaporizer itself is pretty heavy but when the battery is added on you can feel the sturdiness that it adds. Last but not least, it comes with an 11 page user manual for all your knowledgeable needs. Inside you will learn how to lock, unlock, change the voltage, wattage, along with charging your devices through its power bank feature.

What Is The Difference Between A Standard And Variable Voltage Battery?

Most standard stationary batteries on vaporizers use 3.0 volt to 3.7 volt batteries. The difference is that a variable voltage vaporizer has a circuit that stores and regulates power from the battery, delivering it to the atomizer and tank at the voltage you choose. Many variable voltages also have micro processors for safety and regulate the battery. These advanced internal electronics often make it more expensive than your average fixed battery.

Some electronic cigarettes have the voltage meter on the bottom of the pen so you can just slide it to the desired voltage you want like an old rotary dial phone. The DovPo Firestone E-LVT mod vaporizer goes from 3.0V to 6.0V which is a perfect range. It helps the vapor not get so hard when its on the lower voltages but yet lets you experience and get used to the certain voltage you are looking for. If you dont want a harsh throat hit while still producing decent vapor leave it on around 3.7V but this still depends on the eliquid along with the coil too.

The DovPo Firestone E-LVT Mod Vaporizer

The DovPo Firestone E-LVT mod vaporizer shatters and makes the regular vapes look like a pack a ramen noodles. It is that steak and potato dinner at your moms house and like moms cooking it’s affordable. It utilizes and incorporates the latest intelligent integrated circuits, control circuits and high power circuits for precision battery and circuitry interaction. Dovpo has figured it out and now allows the vape mod circuitry to work more efficiently and to extend battery life while providing continued dependability and precise functionality. It has a dual mode for variable voltage and variable wattage adjustable which is ideal for use with different atomizers