Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Vaporizer

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Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Vaporizer
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In the old school concept of bubblers, the sleek and slim design of the Boost eRig from Dr. Dabber will offset the stylish taste of any discerning dabber. This unit is designed to conform to your lifestyle as a take along eRig. It is designed to grant any vaper a source of instant relief no matter where they choose to employ their desire to vape a dab of wax concentrate. The unit’s design is designated to be easy. It will prove to be simple enough for a novice beginner, and handsome enough to add stylish flair to the look of any veteran vaper. This unit accommodates any vaper that prefers the rich taste of a wax concentrate and allows them to do it on the go in conjunction with the demands of their active lifestyle.


The Dr. Dabber Boost eRig will proficiently get you away from the need to carry an acetylene torch around with you. This unit is designed as a portable wax vaporizer but it is an upgrade to the normal technique. This is elevated in the practice of safely wax dabbing for the user and the public around them. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that allows for about 50 to 60 uses per charge on average. The battery is also easily replaceable for the extra added convenience of the user.

The Boost eRig requires only a small amount of concentrate for the user to obtain a maximum effect with very little reclaim left behind. Usually a BB sized ball of wax concentrate on the tip of the tool is all that is needed for gaining an effective experience with efficient product consumption. Your silicone jar  will last you longer and you will get repeatedly dense clouds of vapor with an unyielding great taste from the beginning of the melt that follows through to the end of your product. The glass attachment is used to add a water filtration system that keeps the taste of your cloud fresh and crisp. The heat cycle only lasts for a duration of 30 seconds so although you may initially find this as an inconvenience, it will reduce the risk of burning your product. That will preserve your product, its taste, and the lifespan of your unit.  When you are using the Boost eRig vaporizer, be mindful not to pull excessively hard because the unit is designed to prevent clogging. The same ventilation that helps prevent the clogging will also allow your melted product to be pulled through into your water chamber and wasted if you do not moderate the power of your drag.

This electronic rig in its full assembly is about 10 inches tall. The unit is powered by a 2500mAh battery for heating the protruding heating rod that is coated by your preference of a titanium, ceramic, or quartz nail. Beyond that there is a glass percolator attachment much like the traditional bubbler. This attachment is snugly secured to the ceramic component of the unit with rubber grommets (o-rings) that prevent the attachment  from leaking into your unit or onto you. The grommets also prevent any unwanted excess air from invading your pull and decimating your cloud. Although it does require about a quarter of an inch of water, it is designed to be spill and leak proof. You will get the benefit of the water filtration system and that always guarantees that you get consistently great taste. This feature also alleviates any of the other problems you will have to worry about such as losing your wax melt onto your clothing or your possessions. This a complete circumvention of making any kind of the messes that are normally associated with wax concentrate vaporizing techniques.


With a metal body, a ceramic heating rod, your choice of ceramic, titanium or quartz nail, and a glass vapor path with water filtration the quality of the Dr Dabber Boost eRig for wax concentrates is an absolute hit with no misses. It repeatedly produces massive clouds of vapor throughout your vape session after using just a small amount of concentrates to get started. The unit is designed to prevent clogging and wasting your product. The Boost eRig is far advanced from its alternative devices of similar designs. The Boost eRig works well with almost any brand and different versions of wax concentrate brands currently available on the market globally. The signature design burns the wax dab thoroughly. There is very little waste and that means that there is no reclaim left for you to deal with or clogging in the process of your dabbing sessions.

The nails rather small so that in itself requires that you start out with a small amount of concentrate on the end of your tool. Using too much product will expose you to the risk of overfilling your bowl which will waste a lot of material.

The company guarantees the lifespan of the battery and the charger that is required to keep you powered up. The unit takes about 30 seconds to heat up and offers a range of variant heat settings that you can change to accommodate the nail type of your preference. The optimal heat setting for the titanium nail is obtained with three clicks on the power button. The optimal setting for the ceramic nail is obtained by clicking the power button five times. These are features that make the unit easy to use and the manufacturer went beyond to ensure that it is also easy to clean. Topping off these key features, the glass attachments are reasonably priced to replace if they become damaged, discolored, or broken.



  • Glass water attachment
  • Water filtration
  • Domeless titanium nail
  • Domeless ceramic nail
  • Domeless quartz nail
  • Metal casing on the unit
  • 10 inches tall fully assembled
  • Portable


  • Choice of nail types
  • Long lasting battery
  • Advanced inter programmed alternate heat settings to accommodate the nail preference of your choice.

Temperature Control Settings:

After you have fully charged your unit, you can power your unit on by using the button on the side of your unit. Beyond that click the button three times for the titanium nail and five times for the ceramic nail. The temperatures range from 515℉ to 600℉. The nails can not be changed during the operation of your unit because they will be extremely hot so do not touch it until it has cooled down. The indicator light will start out white then turn to blue when your unit is ready to begin your dabbing session. To reach a higher temperature than what is normally designated you can turn your unit off after the first heat cycle then immediately restart it.

How to Use the Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Vaporizer:

After you have fully charged your unit you can begin vaping your wax concentrate in these easy steps.

Ultimate Dabbing:

  1. Load the water chamber with about a quarter of an inch of water. Do this before you attach the glass or remove it while you are filling it. Once you have your water in the cylinder then you can attach  or reattach this part to the unit.
  2. Power your unit on by pressing the power button.
  3. Choose your nail preference then power the unit accordingly. Click the button three times for the titanium nail and five times for the ceramic or quartz nail.
  4. Load a small portion of your preferred product onto the tip of your tool.
  5. As soon as the indicator light changes to a blue color that indicates your unit is ready, touch the tip of your loaded tool to the nail. This is the point where you begin to inhale through the mouthpiece.
  6. The product will completely melt off the tool and that indicates that it is time for you to flip the tool around and place the carb cap on top of the nail. This is the final stage of your wax vaping session and will ensure that you are rewarded with massive clouds that have a dense consistency for the duration of your product.
  7. To change your nail, first make sure that the unit is cool. Then you simply turn the nail counterclockwise to remove it and clockwise to secure it.
  8. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the ideal instruction on cleaning and maintaining your unit.

Cleaning your Glass Attachment:

  1. Remove the glass attachment from the unit.
  2. Using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol slowly pour the liquid into the mouthpiece until the unit is about a quarter full.
  3. Cover the mouthpiece with your palm and shake the unit gently until it is clean and free from the discoloration of resin.
  4. Remove the alcohol by holding the attachment under gently running warm water until all of the alcohol is removed.
  5. The remaining water can be removed by shaking the device gently and blowing through it or simply lay it down and let it naturally evaporate.