e-Nail and Electric Dab Rig

Vaporizers have gone through a radical change in the past couple of years. They have gone from being able to use it in a little vape device to a full blown desktop unit. Desktop vaporizers generally haven't been popular because of its size but e-nail kits are changing the way we vaporize wax.

What is an e-Nail?

E-nails also known as electronic dab rigs are electronic concentrate vaporizers, typically metal boxes with a port for a coil, and a PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) that gauges the unit’s current coil temperature. In most enail dab rigs the gauge can be turned separately from the coil so as to act as a safety measure and prevent users from getting burned. 

Electric nails generally come in two sizes, 16 and 20 millimeters. Units can only work with nails that have been specifically designed for coils of that size. 

Similar to a traditional dab rig, e-nails either attach to a regular waterpipe or vape mod, some are designed as standalone units. Much like dry herb vapes, e-nails can be broken down into both desktop and portable models. Currently most models are desktop versions but as the technology improves we are beginning to see more portable e-nail for dabs.


The benefits from a mini nail dab kit far outweigh that of a clunky rig. Regardless of what you're looking for, there are more reasons to use an e-nail than any other device for your wax or concentrates.

Better Flavor

Most users say that the material used for the electric nail makes a change to the dab’s flavor; each in their own unique way. 

Flavor, of course, is always subjective and most users recommend that trying a ceramic nail should be the initial option. But if you prefer an enail that does not alter the dab’s flavor, then a quartz one is the best place to start.

However, most users note that the option of using a titanium enail does tend change the flavor of the dab in a way that isn’t to some people’s taste and the enail can also get too hot when used for longer sessions. 

Precise Temperature Selection

When it comes to dabbing concentrates, the aim is, always to achieve a reliable temperature consistency. If your electric nail is too cold,  the dab will pool at the base of the nail, giving off little to no vapor. On the other hand an enail that is too hot might mean the money you just spent on a high quality concentrate could end up, tasting and smelling like hot melted plastic, scorched in its own carbon dust.

Setting the correct temperature is crucial and using a carb cap is also essential, this causes the chamber to billow up properly at lower temperatures.  New electric dab nail rigs have earned their favorable reputation due to the use of advanced and quality components; high powered batteries & nails made from titanium, ceramic, or quartz, all of which provides the temperature consistency the dabber is looking for.

With  these new enail dab rigs users simply turn their unit on, set a desired temperature, and wait for it to indicate that it has reached the required temperature before starting to dab.

No More Torch

People have been used to dabbing with a portable blowtorch. However with temperatures that can reach as high as 1,430 °C and an open flame can pose  major fire safety risks. e nail dab rigs are without doubt the most suitable alternative especially when dealing with enails that are made from different materials. Controlled temperatures mean working with the user’s chosen enail material and there’s the added bonus of no harmful or noxious fumes being generated due to overheating. e-nails also provide other important benefits., no more relying on butane, worrying about exploding glass bongs and finally the mantra of all dabbers, maintaining consistent temperature.

How Do You Use an Electric Dab Nail 

Using an electric dab rig is simple. Plug in and turn on the unit and set the desired temperature. 

The battery then heats the e nail dab rig to a temperature that can go as high as 1000°F in just a matter of seconds. The wax or extract is placed on the e-nail.  Dab a small bit of concentrate onto the nail while simultaneously inhaling from your pipe. If you are using a carb cap, place it on top of the nail while taking a puff. 

Many e-nail users prefer using a carb cap to cover the nail while using the unit because it increases both the overall flavor and vapor production. Most carb caps come attached to a dab tool, so there’s one less piece of equipment to worry about. 

e-Nail vs Dab Rig 

With a regular dab rig using a torch to heat the nail, can sometimes instantaneously combust all your concentrates, a process known as flash vaporization. If not done properly, you can waste a lot of dabs this way. This is the main reason why the e-nail has become so popular in the cannabis community. 

Also, using an  E-nails means that the user can dial in at lower temperatures thus giving a richer terpene profile and highlighting the individual flavors and psychoactive effects of each strain.