eGo-C Twist 1300mAh Starter Kit Vaporizer

eGo-C Twist 1300mAh Starter Kit Vaporizer
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The eGo-C twist vaporizer kit battery is a huge upgrade from the original eGo-T battery. It is modified to have a new technological standard. It acquires a circuit to enable the variable voltage of output from 3.2V to 4.8V.  There are 20 notches on the bottom of the battery, and each grid representing 0.1V. With a smart buck-boost converter inside, you can turn the bottom knob to adjust the various voltages depending on your use of clearomizer.  This 1300mAh battery is much more powerful than a regular battery. The eGo-C twist vaporizer kit lets you enjoy your vaporizer for a longer time. Spin the knob in a clockwise direction to higher voltage output and spin the knob in an anticlockwise direction to lower voltage output. Higher voltage output  gives more control for higher ohm atomizers. You can adjust the output voltage easily to customize the flavor output from the atomizer.  Atomizers can give a burnt taste or stop vaporizing liquid which are a hassle.

510 Thread 1300mAh Variable Voltage Battery

The battery thread is a 510 thread. They are various 510, 510-T, eGo, eGo-T,  and eGo-C atomizers but 510 thread being the most popular. There are many different reasons as to what 510 really means. Some say its the thread size and others say its the spacing of the threads. While neither of those may be the real answer one thing is for certain. The eGo-C twist vape pen kit is one of the best 1300mAh variable voltage starter kits. If you want something that's cheap, durable, and reliable then this is it. Many people who are just starting will need to get the fundamentals and basics of vaporizing. This is the best to start with is because it gives you an experience of low voltage (3.2V) and high voltage(4.8V). Different atomizers and clearomizers react differently to these different voltages. For example, the glass globe attachment coil will burn out much easier if you use it with a voltage at 4.2 or higher. Usually, higher voltages are mainly used for only eliquids/ejuices. The eGo-C twist battery has an on/off and lock/unlock function as the original, which is clicking is 5 times. This is great so you dont accidentally burn out the atomizer or clearomizer by leaving it on without knowing. Batteries can be easily charged with the USB chargers that come with it, however you can choose several other various chargers too.

This specific starter kit comes with an eGo-C twist 1300mAh battery that can be used with clearomizers, atomizers, tanks, and chambers. It is pretty universal with its 510 thread. The eGo-C twist vaporizer kit already comes with a Ce5 clearomizer. The USB is also universal for 510 threads so if you lose it, you can use it from another vape pen.  Finally, it comes with an eliquid refill bottle to pour your oils or liquids in. This makes it much easier with no hassle or spillage. Just pour it down the side of the clearomizer and make sure you dont get any inside down the middle.

To wrap this up, we believe this is the best bang for your bucks vaporizer for a starter kits due to its many features. For example, you can change the voltage to what you desire. It also comes with everything right out the ego e-cig carry case to start. Turn the vape pen on by clicking the button 5 times which will make it blink 3 times. If the battery ever detects a short, it will automatically turn off.. The battery will not work and will shut off if it detects it is lower than 3.2V.

E-Liquids for your eGo-C Twist Vaporizer Kit electronic cigarettes

Fill up your plastic squeeze bottle with a third of the way. Put your needle on the bottle down to the side of the clearomizer on the eGo-C and squeeze it all in. Make sure not to pass about 2/3 of the 1.6mL fluid level that the clearomizer provides. Let the juice soak in for about two minutes before you start vaping. When you are starting out it is recommended you start on 3.2 volts to get the idea of vaping and how the throat hits are. The higher the voltage the more harsh the vapor will be. Some citrus or cinnamon based flavors are known to crack the plastic clearomizer tanks like the flavors "Candy Caine" or "Lemon".

eGo C Twist Includes:

  • eGo C Twist 1300mah Battery
  • CE5 Long Wick Clearomizer 1.6ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • USB Charger
  • eGo carry case