Haze Vaporizers eGo Carry Case

Haze Vaporizers eGo Carry Case
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Cigarettes came in a pack so you always had them in its own holder and why wouldn't your electronic cigarette have one too? Throw all your vape belongings into one case and you never have to worry about leaving a juice or clearomizer at home while your battery is in your pocket by itself.

This black eGo carry case is wonderful to keep two battery pens in as it comes with two nylon rubber holders to stay in place. It can easily fit your USB and wall charger in its mesh holders. Depending on the size of your vape juice, you can fit one in there too. Some people will buy two and use one for their liquids and the other for their batteries and atomizers.  The case is very universal and reliable, especially when it comes protecting your vaporizer from scratches and accidental heat ups.

These are more for personal vaporizers from starter kits that include vape pens from 650mAh-1300mAh. Bigger batteries like the Kamry K100 will be too big for this.