What are Electronic Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes electronic devices that help cessate smoking by a turning liquid nicotine into vapor. They are battery powered that powers an atomizer where the liquid goes into. It heats the liquid enough to turn into vapor whereas smoking creates smoke. This is where the term vaping comes from. The main difference between electronic cigarette pens and smoking besides the obvious vapor and smell is the fact that vaping doesn’t produce tar or carbon monoxide.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes?

The benefits and advantages of electronic cigarette pens far outweigh smoking in almost every single way. It is true that not many long term studies have been done with vapes to know the long term risks but we do know many of the causes from smoking are not in these devices. For example, there are no tar or carbon monoxide from electronic vapes. That itself is a big one. Also your lungs are not filled with smoke which can’t be good. An electronic cigarette vaporizer does not produce smoke and its only vapor which in this case is liquid moisture.

    • No Nasty Smell - If you have ever smelled the liquid or after it’s been vaporized, you will know how sweet and good it smells. Depending on your taste buds, you can get fruity flavors, dessert flavors, or even regular tobacco flavor, which still smell better than regular cigarettes.
    • Save Money - The biggest money spent on electronic cigarette vaporizer is the upfront cost of buying a unit. Once that is bought, you just need to maintain it with coils and flavors. Depending on your usage you will need to buy flavor anywhere from once a week to once a month. The coils usually last about a month. Altogether, you will probably spend about 10-15% on vape maintenance than continually buying packs or cartons of cigarettes.
    • More Socially Accepted – Electronic vapes are still making headlines about people not accepting them. Whether someone did not have vape etiquette or wasn’t being mindful and they blew it in someone's surrounding can get many people on the up and up about these. It’s always useful to remember that you always have people around you. Overall it seems the consensus is more towards vaping than smoking.
    • Improved Sense of Smell and Taste - Smoking cigarettes can reduce your sense of smell and taste. The chemicals that burn can damage scent nerves and even dull your taste buds. They usually come back after a long cessation.
    • Choice of Nicotine Dose - E-Liquids are a great way to help you quit smoking because you choose how strong you want it to be. You can start with 0mg of nicotine in a bottle and go all the way up to 36mg which is usually for those who smoked more than 3 packs a day.
    • Minimal Ash and Littering - Smokers generally tend to ash on the floor and even throw their cigarette butts on the floor like it's become a norm. E cigarette pens don’t require an ashtray nor do you have to litter anymore. Ashtrays also leave a residual smell where they are left lying around.
    • Vape in more locations than smoking - Lately more places are starting to crack down on where they allow people to electronic cigarettes but that is more on a local level. As far as national or global level, more places are being more restrictive on where you can smoke. They used to let you smoke inside restaurants now you can’t smoke less than 20 feet away from the store.

What to Consider When Buying an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer?

  • Battery - Batteries are very important when it comes to vaporizers. Batteries can depend how much cloud you produce, how long you vape consistently before you re-charge, and the overall power that is sent to you atomizer.
  • Looks - The way your liquid vape looks depends a lot on your personality and taste. It can also define who you are. Some look like guns and some like grenades.
  • Atomizer - The atomizer it comes with can matter but at the same time it may not. Some kits don’t even come with one and you must purchase it separately. Even if you get a starter kit with a disposable Ce5+ clearomizer, you might as well use it to test e-liquids.
  • Size - It is usually better to go with something smaller than bigger. As much as a bigger vape looks cooler, you must remember that you will be carrying it in your hand or pocket the whole time. You don’t want something that will be bulgy in your pocket nor something that is too annoying to grasp in your hand.