Firefly 2+ (Plus) Vaporizer


Firefly 2+ (Plus) Vaporizer
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  • High-Performance Dynamic Convection Heating
  • Longest Firefly Battery Life Ever
  • 3 Second Heat-Up Time
  • Breath Draw Activated
  • Free iOS & Android Mobile App
  • Dual Touch Sensors
  • Innovative New Airflow System

If you take a look at most portable vaporizers, there are a couple of stand out products while most other offers are recycled versions of their competitors with a few differences. Then, there are products that really make an effort to be one-of-a-kind in terms of both design and quality. The Firefly Plus 2 is arguably one of the more unique products to grace this last category and is one that you aren’t going to find anywhere else. If the Firefly Plus 2 has managed to catch your eye, here are some of the other performance aspects that you should know before you make your purchase. 


Because of the small size of the vaporizer, the weight of the product is equally light, weighing only around ⅓ of a pound. The size, weight, and shape of this product make it easy to carry around with you, whether that be in your pocket or in another carrying case. Fortunately, the build quality of this model is strong enough that you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking it while you are carrying it around (but we will talk more about this in the next section). 


A lot of people are concerned when they first handle the Firefly Plus 2 as it is lighter than the average vape product but don’t let the size and weight fool you. This vape is well-built and will be able to withstand most outside forces. Besides its build quality in terms of durability, the quality in terms of functionality is excellent as well. The front face plate stays firmly in place but comes apart easily so that you can load your device, the buttons are responsive, and the inside allows for an enjoyable vaporization experience. 

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality depends entirely on your choice of substance. If you choose to opt for dry herbs, the vapor quality is very pure and smooth as you take hits from your device and people have been impressed by how their vapor has tasted and come out. (The only thing you should take note of is the fact that this device will not produce massive clouds like other vaporizers.) If you choose to use concentrates in your device, the vapor quality is going to be decent but not great due to the fact that this vape can’t handle the high temperatures needed to properly vaporize concentrates. Many users recommend sticking to dry herbs with this product as it will provide you with high-quality hits and keep your device functioning properly. 

Upgraded Vapor Path

The reason why the vapor quality is excellent is that the vapor path has been carefully designed to ensure this experience. The main cooking chamber is made of ceramic, leading to a borosilicate glass vapor path that continues to maintain the flavor integrity of your herbs while keeping it cool before it reaches your lips. The only downside of the vapor path is that it can be hard to get a proper hit in the same way you would with alternative vaporizers. With this product, you are going to need to take long, strong draws to get the vapor that you want. 

Flexible Temperature Range Options

With the Firefly Plus 2, users get a temperature range of 200° F to 500° F (or 105° C - 260° C). That being said, this temperature range is easier to reach via the smartphone app that you can connect to your device. The device itself does not come with a LED display that will tell you what temperature your device is at and is not as easy to use, which makes it necessary for users who want to control their temperature to connect their device to their phone via Bluetooth. 

Longest Battery Life

The battery performance has been described by most as decent but it does the job, especially if the Firefly Plus 2 is a simply vape you take with you when you need a couple of hits on the fly. Using this Firefly 2 Plus can last you a whole day if you keep on using it. The good news is that this vape charges in approximately one hour and it does come with a removable battery. (However, this is a custom battery and you will need the right equipment to charge another outside of the device itself.)


Despite how it may look in its picture, the Firefly Plus 2 is quite compact. Standing at only five inches tall with a width of one inch, this is the type of vaporizer that you would want if you need something you could easily hide away for discreet vape sessions. It’s also long enough to comfortably fit in your palm without making it difficult to use when you are trying to get a hit from your device. 

Easy Cleaning

While cleaning is something you will need to do often to ensure that your vape is performing at peak quality, something that can be a downside for some users, cleaning is relatively easy and you can have your device wiped down and cleared in under a minute. A simple alcohol wipe will do as long as you have consistently kept up with your Firefly Plus 2. The only time cleaning may be difficult is if you choose to use concentrates with your device rather than dry herbs. 


Overall, the Firefly Plus 2 is a definite step above the Firefly 2 and operates as a great vape on the go for those who need something to tide them over while they’re running around. With a unique and compact design, solid vapor quality, and Bluetooth capabilities, the Firefly Plus 2 is a portable vaporizer that is hard to beat.