Flytlab Stik Vaporizer


Flytlab Stik Vaporizer
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Unfortunately, the Flytlab Stik Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.



  • 2 Atomizers - Dual Quartz & Ceramic Slab
  • Smart One-Button Control
  • Threadless Connection
  • 4 Temperature

The FLYT Stik by  FlytLab is a compact vaporizer for a discreet consumption of concentrates. For those who haven’t heard of FlytLab, it is a vape manufacturing brand based in LA. Over the past few years, the company focused on producing vaping devices that were compatible with dry herbs until the release of the FLYT Stik. The manufacturer is known for designing unique products; people who have used any of FlytLab’s vape pens would acknowledge that fact. And just as expected, the latest unit did not fail to come with its own uniqueness.


The FLYT Stik comes in style. The first impression of the package is outstanding and makes one feel like they just purchased an expensive gadget. Unlike the FlytLab Lift and H2Flo, the Stik takes a different shape. While both predecessors are cylindrical, the latest unit comes as a portable rectangular device. Although not the most compact pen we have seen, its size is small enough to fit into your pocket and keep you discreet. The Stik features a multipurpose dabbing tool for loading the chamber with your concentrate. You can also use it for poking down buds as well as scooping kief. The unit comes with a power 800mAh battery that can take you for a day, and it takes about 90 minutes to reach full charge.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Stik is above average. You get two different vaping experience when using this device because it comes with two heating chambers. One of the chambers produces more flavor while the other offers thick vapors. The unit comes with four different temps. So you can experiment with each of them. Interestingly, you can also switch between two vaping mode which gives you a whole new experience.


Carbed mouthpiece: FLYLTAB understands the importance of airflow, and that’s why they equipped the Stik with a carbed mouthpiece. Airflow basically determines how the stream of vapor flows from your unit to your mouth. Most vaporizers in the market today comes with an adjustable ring that allows users to control the airflow manually. A carbed mouthpiece, however, is a great innovation as it will enable you to control the airflow with your lips.

Two heating chambers: The FLYT Stik allows you to switch between two different chambers - the low temp ceramic slab cartridge and the high temp dual quartz cartridge. Both can hold a decent amount of concentrate, but we recommend you fill about a ½ gram for best results.

Magnetic connectors: It’s pretty easy to assemble all the piece since the unit features a magnetic system that holds the mouthpiece, the heating chamber, and the battery.

Flexible temperature and dual vaping mode: The Stik has four temperatures for each of the heating chambers. While you can cycle through 200°F, 250°F, 300°F, and 400°F  with the ceramic slab cartridge, the dual quartz allows you to choose a temp from 400°F, 500°F, 600°F, and 650°F. You can identify each of the temperatures from the four LED lights, which indicates the current temp setting.  FlytLab FLYT Stik also features two vaping modes to give you a more customizable experience. A single push on the power button would activate the FLYT mode which offers a 10-second heat cycle.

How to Use it

The unit is straightforward to use. Remove your mouthpiece and take out the cartridge. Fill the chamber with your desired concentrates and couple the parts. Press the single button three times quickly to power on the device, select a temp and a vaping mode and inhale from the mouthpiece.