G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

Grenco Science

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer
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G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Includes:

G Pro Portable Vape Features:

  • Used for Dry Herbs
  • Portable and Compact
  • 1 Year Warranty (with manufacturer)
  • Stainless Steel Heating Chamber
  • Three Temperature Control Settings (320°F, 380°F, 420°F)

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer By Grenco Science Overview

When Grenco Science first revealed their first vaporizer, the MicroG Pen, it was a hit. It was the Apple of wax vape pens due to the popularity it reached with its sleek and unique design. The best of Grenco Science herbal vaporizers is in their newest series, this portable dry herb vaporizer is everything you could want boiled down into one unique device. The herbal vape pen is unique in its design in that it prevents harmful toxins from reaching the lungs of the vaper. Other vaporizers use flawed technology to release herbs and aromatherapy, but not the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer by Gpen.

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Design

G pen commissioned G pro vaporizer to fit into the hands of virtually anyone who enjoys vaping. The outer structure is sleek, well crafted, and offers the perfect grip. No more slipping through your fingers, this herbal vape pen was perfectly designed to cradle your hand to make for easy vaping whenever you want. Obviously, this is a critical feature for any portable dry herb vaporizer as you don't want to be dropping it and breaking on you.

Discreet Design of the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer 

Sophistication is another mark of the G Pro herbal vaporizer. Discreetness is this vaporizers modus operandi as it blocks anything from being seen or noticed in its enclosed black body.  The heavy duty stainless steel exterior body is all but unbreakable and can easily be stored in your pocket or purse for discretion. As an herbal vape pen, it is easily kept tucked away out of sight. In fact, the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is hard to distinguish from an e-pen which makes it perfect for dry herbs and on the go herbal vaping. Its smooth black finish comes with an easily identifiable “G” logo for G Pen, along with a few metal fixtures such as the temperature button. In all, the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer design is perfect for a portable herbal vaporizer that is being used by a closeted herbal vaper.

G Pro’s end goal with the herbal vaporizer was to specifically design a product that is not only durable and pleasing to the eye, but also one that produces the purest vapor possible. Any aromatherapy or dry herb veteran can tell the difference between pure vape and tainted vape. The difference is even clearer with this portable dry herb vaporizer. No other device available on the market releases the same clean and clear vape that the G Pro’s herbal vape pen does.

Customize the G Pro to your Needs

G Pro also wanted to give their customers a product that fit their individual preferences. This is why there are three unique temperature settings available on the pen. Users can choose from mild, moderate, and hot temperatures to ensure the perfect taste and vapor. Depending upon the herbs used in the pen, users may only need a low or mild temperature setting to achieve the results they are after. By thinking ahead, G Pro was able to capture that preference and infuse it into their new herbal vape pen. This first in a series of portable dry herb vaporizer units will no doubt stand the test of time as one of the best products on the market.

Precise Heating Chamber

Another advantage to the G Pro vaporizer is its quick heat up time. No longer do users have to wait around for their pen to heat up to the temperature they are after. Instead, a quick press and hold will produce the right temperatures according to their preference. Users have come to expect quick heat up times from G Pro’s products, and with the addition of a portable dry herb vaporizer their expectations are once again met. Other herbal vape pen products might have the sleek design that the G Pro herbal pen does, but they won’t likely hold the same power and technology that is available through the G Pro series. If you want to wait out the entire heat up time, it takes about 90 seconds to fully heat up the herb oven chamber. The heating chamber can load up to 0.6 grams of herbs. Also make sure your dry herbs are ground up to ensure the best and efficient vapor quality.

As with any other herbal vape pen, the G Pro hosts a heating chamber to ensure the perfect temperature. However, there is nothing ordinary about the G Pro’s heating components. Instead of releasing both the natural components and botanicals along with harmful smoke, the G Pro’s portable dry herb vaporizer’s heating chamber filters out toxins leaving only clean vapor for the user. The stainless steel interior chamber prevents the escape of byproducts during vaping.

Difference Between the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer and the Snoop Dogg Herbal Vape Pen

Variable Temperature Control Settings

Not many portable dry herb vapes have the ability to change its temperature but the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer is a bit different, which is why we are loving this vaporizer. The G Pro goes changes temperature and color accordingly from 320°F (Red), 380°F (Green), to 420°F (Blue). The ideal temperature for herbs are around 380°F which is why it turns green.

G Pro Herbal Vape Conclusion

The G Pro vaporizer also has a line of accessories customers can add to their purchase, but typically each unit comes with its own USB wall charger, a cleaning brush, mouthpiece sleeves, and a G Card. The price of this portable dry herb vaporizer is well within reason, and anyone looking for a new herbal vape pen will enjoy this superior product.

How to Use the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

One of the easiest, simple, yet sophisticated vaporizer, the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer starts when the power button is clicked five times consistently. It also turns off the same way. If it does not turn on, it needs some charge so go ahead and plug the USB charger in and proceed to charge it. When it is fully charged the light should turn green. Making sure it is charged and the heating chamber is not on, snap the mouthpiece off to load up the herbal trench with ground up of your favorite dry herbs. Close the mouthpiece, turn the portable herbal vape on by clicking it five times and give it about 60-90 seconds for it to heat up. Once it has reached the initial heat up, you can change the temperature to your desired setting you feel comfortable vaping at. After three minutes from turning it on, the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer will turn off if it has been sitting idle with no buttons pressed for three minutes.