Glass Globe Attachment for Elips, MicroG, & Cloud style Batteries

Glass Globe Attachment for Elips, MicroG, & Cloud style Batteries
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Full glass globe kit includes:

  • 1 x Clear Glass Globe
  • 1 x Removable mouthpiece
  • 1 x Universal Pen Base attachment
  • 1 x ceramic coil nail/atomizer

Works Universally with:

  • Micro G
  • Atmos
  • Cloud
  • Perfection
  • Elips
  • Eclips
  • Mini Clip
  • Perfection
  • 710
  • Pulsar
  • Oz Pens

For all the glass globe lovers out there, your favorite attachment now fits on your Micro G battery! The glass globe attachment for elips style batteries fits batteries like the Micro G Pen, Cloud, 710 pen and more. Glass globe attachments for elips style batteries are Haze Vaporizers best seller and the reason is no secret. They are very sturdy and best part is they dont clog because they cant. The opening of the mouthpiece is too wide so you keep getting clean fat rips from your portable ceramic nail! Also the coils on these attachments will leave you at awe. They are new and improved so they last much longer through the rough use you put it through.

Glass Globe Attachment for Elips Style Batteries

The glass globe attachment for elips style battery has become one of the most popular attachments for vaporizer pens. Unlike metal, ceramic offers a clean method of vaping. The glass globe attachment now offered with the micro G pen has users everywhere excited. The prospect of clean vaping is enticing enough to catapult the product to the top-of-the-line in the industry.

Features and Eses for the Glass Globe Attachment for Elips stye battery

They are compatible with a host of elips brand batteries. This is extremely important to users who enjoy glass with ceramic over metal attachments. It also makes them extremely versatile and easy to use.

They stay clog free and this glass globe attachment are superior to their competitors simply because they stay clog free regardless of their use. You can fill and refill the glass globe numerous times without ever having to clean or unclog it. The simplicity of this design is one of the major benefits of the product.

They are durable and sturdy. Although you wouldn’t necessarily imagine a glass product being sturdy or durable, the glass globe attachment for elips style battery is surprisingly sturdy. You can take it anywhere without risking breakage or damage to the product. Of course, it is a good idea to carry it in a case in order to avoid any accidents

Glass globe attachment for elips batteries and more is perfect for waxy and essential oil material. An additional benefit to the glass globe attachment is its compatibility with so many battery that many vapers enjoy.

Gives us another reason to love the micro G vape pen. With one battery capable of lasting up to 700 puffs and the incredible new glass globe attachment, we have no reason to choose any other vape product.

The coils are the next interesting part. They are the new version so they tend to last longer. The reason is because the wick has coiled wrapped around it tighter causing the essential oil to stick on longer. This also keeps the wick wet enough to not dry out and burn out. It is really easy. Just take the globe off, and twist the atomizer like a screw. Put the new one in, closed the glass globe and voila! Ready to go.

Check out the new glass globe attachment for elips batteries and experience a total new way to vape.