Glass Globe Attachment with Titanium coil

ceramic glass globe attachment
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The glass globe attachment with titanium coil is perfect for the novice and inexperienced vaper. Starting out, it is common for beginners to burn their coil by simply using the glass globe vaporizer too much or dabbing the concentrate with the tool too much. However, this vaporizer prevents that from happening. Expertly crafted with a clean modern design, this glass globe attachment is one of the best on the market in recent years. Although, it is inevitable for this wax glass globe attachment with titanium coil to eventually die out it will stand through those first few pivotal weeks of vaping without dying out. Inexperienced vapers will enjoy this feature. Additionally, the product comes with a titanium coil which make it extremely easy and more comfortable to take this out on the go. As many have been exploring the world of dabbing, they are starting to realize the difference in different nails and how majority of dabbers are only using ceramic and titanium.


  • Glass Globe
  • Black Mouthpiece
  • Titanium nail
  • Base Mounting (510 Threading)

Specs on the Glass Globe Attachment With Titanium Coil

The ins and outs of this glass globe stands out amongst the competition. Once again, this vaporizer is perfect for the average or beginning vaper and the specs explain why. The base mounting comes with 510 threading that is compatible with virtually any vaporizer battery on the market, luckily. This makes replacement parts extremely easy to find and even cheaper to purchase. You can also use ceramic replacement coils for these since they are also 510 threaded. The glass globe attachment with titanium coil is simple to replace. Glass globe’s have a tendency to burn out quickly if you don't treat it with care. The black mouthpiece is more of a vanity piece then anything, but it is crafted from high quality products for a better taste.

Who the glass globe attachment with titanium coil is perfect for?

As mentioned before, the glass globe is absolutely perfect for first time vapers. It’s easy to use design and slow burning process makes it easier on first time vapers. The world of vaping can get a bit hazy if you don’t know what you are doing, but this superior attachment of the glass globe makes the transition very smooth.

If you aren’t a novice or inexperienced vaper you will still enjoy this device. Compatible with other Brands like SMOK or eGo, convenient for travel, and with an titanium coil to boot, you can’t go wrong with this product. In fact, many advanced vapers choose this vaporizer over other market favorites simply because it comes with titanium replacements attachments that other brands do not offer.

Advantages of the glass globe attachment with titanium coil

One of the biggest draws for vapers is a vaporizer that does not clog easily. This is one of the biggest complaints vapers have across the board, and the makers of this glass globe caporizer with an titanium replacement coils kept this in mind with their design. Glass is traditionally known for frequent clogs and overheating problems, but this product excels in both these areas. In fact, many product reviews have placed this product above the rest when it comes to clogging and overheating.

The biggest advantages to this product include the following:

  • Easy to vape with and a clean smooth delivery
  • Thicker than usual glass dome for safer protection.
  • Stays clean with little to no clogging
  • Extra coils and 510 threading for easy battery replacement
  • 0.3g of concentrate capacity (not recommend to pack as much.)

Whether you just started vaping or have been at it for quite some time, you will find this attachment with a replacement coil to be the perfect fit for your vaporizer collection.