Glass Globe Ceramic Coil Atomizer

Glass Globe Ceramic Coil Atomizer
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When it comes to replacement parts for your MicroG Pen or e-cig, you might need to find the perfect product without sacrificing your high standards. Fortunately, the glass globe ceramic coil atomizer doesn't require any such sacrifice. Created with regular vapers in mind, this replacement product puts your needs first. There are several reasons you might need this replacement product. Often times, vapers simply over pack their globe causing the atomizer to burn out much faster than it normally would. Now all you need to do is purchase a few glass globe ceramic coil atomizers for backups and you won’t have to worry about going without your vaporizer.


The glass globe ceramic coil atomizer is a replacement product for a glass globe nail attachment. If you use your vaporizer too often or if you over pack it on a regular basis, you will need this product. The Ceramic replacement coil fits glass globes for 510 threads or elips style batteries similar to those in the MicroG Pen.

Features that standout with this particular glass globe, include:

  • Ceramic heating coil atomizers.
  • Perfect for vaping concentrates.
  • Fully detachable.

The biggest appeal for this particular atomizer is that it is inexpensive and works great with all glass globe attachments. Both the obsessive and occasional vaper will find this replacement part necessary for their enjoyment.

What it’s used for

Anyone and everyone who vapes will eventually need replacement parts. For those who use glass globe ceramic coil atomizer products, replacement parts will become a regular expense. There are several different reasons you might need to replace your atomizer. These can include over packing, mentioned earlier, which leads to burn out, clogging, and even breakage. Because they are crafted from glass and ceramic products they are easily broken. Whatever the reason, you cant always find a quick and easy replacement glass globe ceramic coil atomizer at any vaping store.

How to make it last

Obviously, if you are sick of replacing your glass dome atomizer you might want to know how you can hold on to the product. There are 3 ways you can make it last. 1. Clean your globe regularly. Cleaning your globe out on a regular basis will reduce clogging and keep your vaping at an all-time high. If you are diligent about keeping your globe clean it will last much longer. 2. Don’t over pack your globe. glass globe ceramic coil atomizer are generally used for concentrates and can easily be over packed if you aren't careful. 3. Be careful when handling it. Because the product is ceramic and glass it is easily broken. Do your best to handle the globe carefully so you don’t break it.

The glass globe ceramic coil atomizer are the perfect replacement part for your vaporizer, and if you can keep them from breaking, clogging, or other damage they will provide lasting filtered vaping for many years to come.

Many people have previously bought the titanium glass dome coil and decided they wanted to try the ceramic coil. Good news is this will still fit on those too. Just unscrew the non working coil and screw this one back on.