Grinder Watch

Grinder Watch
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Unfortunately, the Grinder Watch has been discontinued. We recommend the following two grinders in its place.


We couldn't tell which one of our products was the most discreet. We have a fob key shaped vaporizer, an inhaler vape, and the vapor cup that looks like a coffee mug, yet the grinder watch comes really close. A stylish looking watch which opens to sharp bladed teeth that help you grind your herbs. Whether you want to pack your vaporizer chamber, a bowl or to roll up your herbs, grinders are a must have accessory. This not only lets you grind up your herbs but it also helps you keep track of time. It is not just for looks. The watch on top is really a watch. The leather strap makes it very comfortable to have on your wrist for long periods at a time.

When you want to use it, simply open the watch face and it will reveal the blades. Put your herbs in there and grind it up. When you finish, turn it around and dump it. The top and bottom pieces are held together by a strong magnetic connection. Changing the time on the watch is really easy. Just like other hand watches, pull apart the small pin on the side and move it to the correct time.

Battery Not Included.