Hand Pipes

When it comes to smoking dry herbs, hand pipes are a universal tool that offer the most seamless smoking experience. Additionally, these basic tools offer the most variance in regards to style and design, making them perfect for smokers of any type and personality. But despite their simplicity, there are actually many considerations you will need to make when you begin the process of looking for hand pipes to add to your collection. Are you in the market for a new hand pipe? If so, here is a guide that will help you figure out exactly what you need when you start shopping around. 

What Are Hand Pipes?

As you may have already guessed, hand pipes are smoking tools that are compact and designed to be comfortably held and used within the hand. Unlike larger smoking tools like bongs or dab rigs, hand pipes offer the convenience and portability that most smokers need to access their dry herbs wherever they may be. There is also the versatility of their design that makes them such a desirable tool to own. But what type of hand pipes are on the market, and which types may be suitable for your smoking sessions? 

Glass Hand Pipes 

Glass hand pipes are some of the most available hand pipes as well as the most affordable. If you walk into any smoke shop near you or look at vendors online, you are going to be able to find a hand pipe made out of glass. These products are valued due to the fact that they come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. This benefit is further enhanced by the fact that glass hand pipes serve to preserve the flavors of your herbs as the smoke travels throughout your pipe. The only downside, however, is that these pieces can be easy to break, which may not be great for those who frequently break glass pieces during use or while traveling. 

Silicone Hand Pipes 

Silicone hand pipes have grown in popularity for several reasons. The most important benefit that buyers gain from using silicone hand pipes is the fact that these pieces are extremely durable due to the fact that silicone is flexible and nearly unbreakable. Those who use silicone hand pipes are also able to clean their pieces easier (silicone pieces can be frozen so that residue can be broken off rather than having to be soaked), have more colorful choices to choose from, and have peace of mind that their pipe is safe no matter where it is. That said, silicone may impact the flavor of your dry herbs, which can be a downside for those who enjoy smoking for the flavor itself. 

Wood Pipes 

Wood pipes offer a more traditional smoking experience and more unique design options that other products on this list simply cannot compete with. Although you can expect to find wood pipes that are molded after previous iterations of the hand pipe, there are plenty of great styles that offer more usability and convenience so that you are not just smoking out of a plain pipe. Put simply, a wood pipe may be the right fit for people who care about style and want to stand out from others. 

Metal Pipes 

While these are less frequently advertised, there are metal pipes out there that users can pick up. Much like it is with silicone pipes, metal pipes offer the durability that you need to ensure that your tool stays safe whether it is in use or stowed away for travel. These types of pipes will also vary in style and design, offering you a host of choices to select from. It’s important, however, that you look for high-quality options. Some metal pipes can leave a metallic taste in the user’s mouth, which can quickly ruin the experience of using a metal pipe in lieu of some of the other options above. 

What Are Spoon Pipes? 

Spoon pipes can refer to any number of products within the hand pipe space. If you think about the standard pipe that you can find at a smoke shop, these pipes are actually considered to be spoon pipes. However, long slender pipes with a rounded out bowl at the end and pipes that resemble saxophones are also considered to be spoon pipes. So what ties them together. All of these products have a bowl and a carb that serves to restrict airflow and clear the smoke pathway when you finish your hit. If you see this term, don’t get confused. This is just a standard term that describes a couple of features you will find on a wide variety of hand pipes. Most hand pipes will be spoon pipes, but you may run into some that don’t fit the bill. 

Novelty Pipes

Have you ever gone clothes shopping and run into a section where they have novelty tees on display? Much like novelty tees, novelty pipes simply build upon the standard product by offering fun shapes, designs, or other stylistic choices that make their product stand out from simpler pipes that you may come across. For example, pipes that are shaped like vegetables, symbols, or other objects are examples of novelty pipes that you may find during your shopping journey. These novelty pipes can be great for those who want a personalized product that will fit in with the rest of the tools that they use for smoking. However, like novelty tees, novelty pipes can be cheaply produced. Pay close attention to the manufacturer and the product description before you buy so that you don’t end up with a product that you can’t use. 

Why Use a Pipe Screen? 

When you begin looking for hand pipes, you may come across accessories like pipe screens. But what exactly is a pipe screen? Think about how you normally smoke. When using a hand pipe, users load their herbs directly into the bowl before they smoke. Pipe screens are small tools that are inserted into the bottom of the bowl so that users can load their herbs into the bowl without directly touching it. These small accessories are designed to prevent resin from building up inside the bowl and pathway, making it so that your bowl doesn’t get clogged if you pack it with too much dry herb, and helps prevent any random herb from getting pulled into the smoke pathway and either going into your mouth or blocking airflow. 

Now, many people do not have a pipe screen and manage completely fine without one. However, it can be a helpful tool to use just to see what difference it makes in the smoking process. All you have to do is measure your bowl, find the right-sized product for your hand pipe, and place it in the bottom, emptying it after every smoke sesh to get the most out of what the pipe screen has to offer. 

Despite their small size and basic function, hand pipes are some of the most varied products offered to those who love smoking dry herbs. If you want to purchase a han