Honeycomb Glass Screen - 7 Diffusion Holes

Honeycomb Glass Screen - 7 Diffusion Holes
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Honeycomb glass screens are one of the most essentials products in the vaporizer market. The seven hole design diffuses your vapor while maintaining maximum airflow. This allows you to burn your product evenly throughout the bowl. The end result is a particle free vapor without clogging up the bowl. It also produces more vapor and reduces the combustion with dry herbal materials. This is done by having the herb sit above the coil and on top the screen to make sure it does not have direct contact with the coil. With this filter, it helps your dry herb vaporize by a way of heat traveling through convection. This makes hot air travel to your herb and not directly burn it.

Utilize honeycomb glass screen when you have a vaporizer where the dry herb sits directly on the coil. This is where it combusts your material rather than vaporize it. It can also be used with a pipe or slide bowl that the hole too large. Reduce the size of the hole by placing a honeycomb glass screen over it.

This is a smaller size (7mm) which is usually the universal size for most dry herb vaporizer chambers.