Kandypens C-Box Pro


Kandypens C-Box Pro
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  • Concealer Box Battery
  • Universal 510 Thread
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • 390mAh Battery
  • Lifetime Warranty (with manufacturer)
  • Compact - 3in.
  • Developed and Designed in the USA

These days, a glance at the vape market will leave you speechless because of the increasing number of vaping devices. Some are considered as essentials if you wish to enjoy seamless vaping sessions. Fortunately, the Kandypens C-Box Pro is recognized as one of these essentials for dry herb and wax vaporizers.

Kandypens is a brand known for distinguishing itself when we talk about quality and functionality. This Concealer box (C-box) Pro is not an exemption. If you’re still skeptical about choosing this concealer box as an option, here is a quick review about the product that should help you make your decision.


The C-Box Pro has an incredible design and rectangular shape. Truly a concealer, the unit is three inches tall. This makes it easy to grab with utmost discreetness. This high-performing concealer box is suitable for vaping your favorite concentrate while on the go. Its rectangular design distinguishes it from other similar box styles on the market. The unit has a 510 threading and a magnetic connection, which allows you to interchange the cartridge with ease. It is designed specifically for oil and liquid tanks, and it’s capable of extracting the best flavors from your concentrates.


Quality has always been what vapers want from their device, and the C-Box Pro offers this to its users. Its small size does not affect the quality of vapor produced; the vapor production of this unit would leave you speechless. This unit gives you a customizable vaping experience as it comes with two magnetic adapters and four level voltage that you can use depending on your preference. The 390mAh battery ensures you have extended vaping sessions all day long, and it doesn’t come with a screw-in charger that you will find in other similar units. Instead, it uses a micro USB cable for flexibility and comfort.

How To Use the Kandypens C Box Pro Vape

The Kandypens C-box offers an easy way of consuming concentrates as you can operate the device with a single button. This is perhaps the primary reason why it has won the hearts of many concentrates lovers. Since the Concealer box is compatible with pre-filled cartridge tanks, it has become a great option for its users, especially for beginners.

Simply click the control button five times quickly to turn on the device, then another three clicks to cycle through the voltages until you hit the desired level. Once heating is complete, press and hold the button to inhale.