Linx Hypnos Zero Wax Vapor Pen


Linx Hypnos Zero Wax Vapor Pen
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Unfortunately, the Linx Hypnos Zero Wax Vapor Pen has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.


Linx Hypnos is changing the way that a portable wax vapor pen can vaporize wax and concentrates. There are a couple of things that stick out right away about the wax vapor pen. It is a concentrate vaporizer pen that is more compact than any we have seen. The body is made completely of stainless steel which gives it a super clean appearance. The Linx Hypnos also features a completely glass mouthpiece making sure the vapor does not ever hit plastic. Every material used to manufacture the vapor pathway is medical grade stainless steel, ceramic chamber, ceramic wick, titanium coils or glass. You will not find any plastic, glue, paint or fiber anywhere on or in the vape pen. The well-made piece of machinery can vape wax at the perfect temperature for ultimate flavor which is another wonderful aspect.

The Look

To be frank, the Linx Hypnos vaporizer is a solid, clean looking vape pen. The completely stainless steel body is complimented by a geometric style Linx logo and glass mouthpiece. The pen operates using one button located on the front of the unit. The micro vape pen fits into any sense of style with its utilitarian features.

Size and Portability

The Linx Hypnos vaporizer is truly a pocket sized piece. It stands at only 10 cm long and measures about the width of a pen, 14 mm (Diameter) x 100 mm (Length). The lightweight and portable vapor pen weighs 46 grams. It is one of the stealthiest pieces for vaping wax with the highest grade quality. Not only can you carry this in virtually any pocket but you can vape it without being seen at all. This discreet portable wax vape pen fits right in the palm of your hand. The Linx Hypnos ranks high in both size and portability which is why we recommend it for anyone who vapes on the go.

Manufacturing Quality

First off, there is a screw on tip so there is no danger of the piece opening in your pocket and getting concentrates all over your clothes. It also features a really cool mouthpiece ‘tip’ made of glass. No other vape pen of this price range and caliber uses a glass mouthpiece, this is an awesome feature for the Linx Hypnos vape pen. All of the vapes from Linx are manufactured with medical grade products. There is a stainless steel body, chamber and a ceramic disc plate atomizer to ensure that you’re only vaping the concentrates that you pack. Absolutely no plastic, paint, glue or fiber is used to manufacture this product as we mentioned before. All of the manufacturing materials are medical grade and the vapor path is made of completely clean material. High quality manufacturing helps you to get the most out of vaping your concentrates.

Ease of Use

This portable wax vape pen is breaking all sorts of barriers for a pen its size. Aside from having 4 different temperature settings and being smaller than a ballpoint pen, it also is extremely easy to use. The entire unit is controlled from just 1 button located on the front of the pen. Corresponding clicks can change temperatures, turn the piece on and provide a draw. It is a really easy to use pen that I’d recommend for beginners but that doesn’t take away from its abilities. The Linx Hypnos is also suitable for advanced vapers with its wonderful taste filled draws of vapor.

Battery Life & Power

Linx Hypnos is outfitted with a 510 threaded battery which is compatible with a lot of concentrate atomizers and accessories. 510 thread connections are pretty much known as the universal connection. It can be used with a different atomizer on the go, the Linx Hypnos battery is truly versatile which a major plus is. The battery is a lithium-ion 650mAh battery that gets a full charge in 1-2 hours when plugged into an included USB charger that is compatible with computer and wall charging. You can turn on the battery with 3 quick clicks and the good thing is unlike many other vape pens, the button is very sturdy so it doesn’t get loose.

How to Use the Linx Hypnos:

  • Unscrew the top portion of the atomizer to reveal the ceramic chamber and drop in 0.1-0.3 of wax or concentrates into the chamber and screw closed.
  • Press the power button five times rapidly to turn the pen on, a light will shine red. The only way to turn it off is by leaving your finger on the power button for 15 seconds so it can auto shut off.
  • Press the button 3 times rapidly to change the temperature of the pen between the 4 preset temperatures listed above.
  • Apply lips to the pen while holding the button down and inhale up to 5-10 seconds depending on preferred density of draw.

Temperature Settings

There are 4 temperature settings available with the Linx Hypnos. The temperatures are represented by color and listed as Low, Medium Low, Medium High, and High. To change the temperature, simply press the power button on the front of the battery 3 times rapidly. At first, we thought it was 5 times rapidly like every other vape pen but this new twist is cool and quick. The voltage input is the following: 2.7 - 5.5v; Output: 3.5v - 4.1v

The LED light will change color corresponding to the temperature setting:

  • Blue = Low
  • Green = Medium Low
  • Yellow = Medium High
  • Red = High

All temperatures vape pretty low which is perfect for getting all of the terpene flavor out of your concentrates without any burning. At these temperatures the ceramic heating system makes the wax taste just as good as a quartz heating element. Even dirty tasting, gross concentrates reveal their true flavor with this atomizer. Although burning concentrates at a low temperature creates a more layered effect, it doesn’t burn hot enough to create huge clouds of vapor. The smoke made from those clouds is a mark of combustion, but some vapers are looking for that. This pen takes about a 10 second draw in order to get a big cloud of vapor.

Final Verdict

This piece is definitely one to write home about. Linx has made a portable wax vapor pen using all medical grade ingredients with a clean vapor pathway from power source to lungs. The Linx Hypnos vaporizer can stretch concentrates, making them last longer than they would have being vaped in a different vapor pen. This vaporizer not only shows the true flavors of your waxes or concentrates but is better almost every way, overall This vape gets a 9 out of 10 on the scale of being amazing.