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Mighty Vaporizer
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German engineers Storz and Bickel, otherwise known as geniuses within the vaping community, have done it once again. Their portable triple use vaporizer aptly named “Mighty” is heating up the vaping market like nothing else. With features such as a LED display, individual temperature settings, and a double vibration temperature alarm, the Mighty dry herb and wax vaporizer lives up to its name. Since it is a dry herb cordless vape, it is 100 percent portable and is extremely easy to use.  Because of its shape, size and general functionality, the Mighty resembles the Crafty vaporizer which is brought to you by the same manufacturer. However, there are some marked differences between the two.

Highlights of the Mighty Vaporizer 

Now that we have explained the difference between the two hottest portable triple use vaporizer products, we would like to showcase the highlights of the Mighty Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel.

The Mighty Vaporizer was created with the user in mind, and is therefore extremely user-friendly. No complicated buttons or high tech knowledge is necessary to operate the device. Instead, the manufacturers implemented a self-explanatory plus and minus button that makes it easy to dictate the temperature of the unit. A LED display provides the necessary temperature information clearly on the exterior of the unit. Once the correct temperature is reached, vaping can commence. Users are notified when the desired temperature setting is attained with a subtle double vibration alarm. Additionally, this dry herb vaporizer also lets users gradually adjust the temperature throughout the vaping experience.

Beside the unique temperature settings, the Mighty Vaporizer also has a Dual Lithium Ion Battery that provides hours of use. Interestingly, the Mighty also has a double battery pack that helps the dry herb and wax vaporizer distribute the internal power evenly. This has a dramatic effect on how the unit runs.

In addition to the battery pack, the portable Mighty vaporizer also comes with an adapter that makes it easy to keep the batteries fully charged no matter where it goes. It can also be used without the batteries via its wall adapter connection. In other words, users can continue to use it without a full set of batteries.

A hot air convection heating element completes the list of highlights for the Mighty Vaporizer, and may just be our favorite feature of this awesome vaporizer. Convection heating is used to distribute the temperature evenly among the dry and wax herbs inside the vaporizer. An internal cooling component also ensures that the vapor is smooth and appealing when inhaled.

Why Choose the Mighty Vaporizer?

If you are looking for the perfect dry herb and wax vaporizer than the Mighty is the perfect unit for your needs. Regardless of your portable triple use vaporizer preferences, the Mighty will undoubtedly meet and exceed them. Consider the Mighty for your next dry herb cordless vape purchase.

The Difference Between the Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer

Let’s start with the size difference. The Mighty portable triple use vaporizer is nearly a third larger than the Crafty and has a bulkier body. Although it can be considered a portable vape, the Mighty is more of a travel companion in comparison to the Crafty dry herb and wax vaporizer.  Its size and body are far from inconspicuous, but its cordless design makes it easy to move with while at home or on the go.

Another difference between these two units is the battery life. This is probably the single most important factor for avid vape users since it determines how long a vaporizer can be used. The Mighty dry herb cordless vape holds a charge for up to 90 minutes, versus the Crafty’s 45 minute battery life which is chump change. This is a huge difference that highlights the Mighty’s superiority. However, the Mighty does not include one of the Crafty’s coolest features which is a customization app that lets users control the temperature of the unit remotely.

On the whole, the Mighty Vaporizer is a more durable and longer-lasting dry herb cordless vape that makes travel much easier. For individuals who need a convenient on the go vape the Mighty probably won’t fit the bill. Everyone else will likely quickly fall in love with this vaporizer.