One Hitter Chillum

Smoking dry herbs is by no means a new practice, with smoking being rooted in multiple cultures for hundreds of years. As such, you can imagine that there were many different types of tools developed so that people could successfully smoke these herbs. One such example of this is the chillum, which we still have today (and which we have added our own twist to in order to vary and streamline the experience). If you have seen chillums offered by various smoke vendors but need to know more before you purchase one, let’s take a closer look at chillum and chillum-related devices to learn more about these useful smoking tools. 

What Is a Chillum (One Hitter)?

Speaking to its roots, a chillum is a smoking tool that was developed in India and was traditionally made out of materials like wood, stone, or clay. These straight tube pipes made it easy to smoke mixed herbs, and as they developed over time, became even easier to use. Now, chillums and the new one-hitters of today are available for individuals who are looking for a seamless, portable smoking experience for some of their favorite dry herbs. 

Chillum Vs Hand Pipes 

In essence, a chillum is a hand pipe, but there are subtle differences that separate the two popular products. Unlike a typical hand pipe, a chillum is a straight pipe that only has two holes: one for the mouthpiece and one for your dry herbs. Offering direct airflow and simpler functionality, a chillum may be the perfect product for you if you are looking for a no-fuss smoking experience that bests even the most basic of hand pipes out there. 

Different Types: 

Much like it is with most products on the market, there are different types of chillums out there that will help you meet your individual needs. Some of the differences to consider include: 

Size and Design 

Chillums are made to suit the needs of the user. Whereas some of them will be relatively basic and small, others may be larger and feature exciting designs to offer a sense of personality to the buyer. Make sure to look around at different types of chillums online to see what you can find based on what size of chillum you are looking for and whether or not there is a specific style or design you want so that it fits in with the rest of your smoking tools. 


One of the most common concerns among chillum and one-hitter users is accidentally breaking smaller chillums. Fortunately, for those who travel frequently and are more at risk of causing damage to their tools, there are thicker chillums that are better equipped to deal with rougher handling. Consider your track record with pipes in the past when you are thinking about purchasing a chillum in the future!

How to Use a Chillum 

As we stated above, a chillum is arguably one of the easiest tools to use. Because there is no carb hole, all you have to is grind your herbs, load them into the bowl, light them, and take a hit! Some variations like one-hitters will feature a screw-like contraption that will allow you to force your herbs forward as you smoke them. Make sure to pay attention to the type of piece you are looking at to ensure that it will meet your needs and expectations!

While there are quite a few smoking tools that are relatively well-known, there are other products out there that may not have yet shown up on our radar. If a chillum has been brought to your attention and you think you may want one for your smoking sessions, the brief guide above will help you learn more about these products and whether or not they are a good fit for you!