Puffco Peak


Puffco Peak
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  • Hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • Water filtration
  • 4 unique user heat settings
  • 20 sec average heat up time
  • Intelligent temperature calibration
  • Sesh-Mode Functionality
  • 7” high x 2.75” base
  • 2 hour fast charge time
  • 30 dab average battery life (2 hour re-charge time)
  • Removable ceramic bowl
  • LED light band
  • Carrying case included
  • Haptic feedback
  • Rugged silicone base


The Puffco Peak has a number of features you won’t be found in other smart wax vaporizers. Four unique user heat settings, a 20-second average heat up time, Smartware that allows for intelligent temperature calibration and a LED light band & Haptic feedback. The final two features provide battery and heat cycle indicators when needed, and conceals itself when they're not. The Haptic feedback keeps your timing spot on. This electric nail dab rig unit comes with carrying case, cleaning swabs, loading tool, tether and micro USB & supercharger, carb cap, and an extra ceramic bowl.

Developed in Los Angeles and first launched in January 2018 it is an approachable and intuitive unit. Passing the peak from person to person and simply double-tapping it to reheat is easy and feels like a water pipe session.

Vapor Quality

The Puffco Peak concentrate vaporizer provides maximum potency and flavor without sacrificing material. With the Peak, you won't be wasting any of your dabs from improper heating. 

Temperature Selection

There are four different temperature settings that can be toggled by clicking the button on its base. Depending on the size of your dab, you can select between blue (450F / 232C), green (500°F / 260C, red (550 °F / 288C), and white (600 °F /  316C). The larger the dab of concentrate, the hotter you'll want the chamber to be.

Ceramic Atomizer Coil

Coils are one of the most important parts of the vaping experience. The benefits of ceramics are widely-touted, they are heat-resistant, so produce longer-lasting coils and they help you avoid the layer of oxidation that builds up on old coils. Because ceramic doesn’t conduct heat well and can stand up to very high temperatures, the lifespan of the coils is greatly increased,  they will also reduce the chance of getting the unpleasant taste that usually accompanies a dry hit. Most users also indicate that ceramic atomizer coils offer the cleanest flavor.

How to Use the Puffco Peak 

Dubbed as a “Smart Rig,” the Puffco Peak is a portable electronic vaporizer engineered for cannabis concentrate consumers who wish to forgo the messy and time-consuming parts of the dabbing process. Setting up a  Puffco Peak is more akin to how you'd set up your new smartphone.

There's a single button on the base of the device used to control the power and temperature settings.

There are two different ways to load the Puffco Peak with concentrate. Preheat the device with the concentrate already loaded into the chamber, or wait until the vaporizer reaches the right temperature before dropping a dab from the dab tool.

To use, fill the borosilicate glass attachment with water to filter the byproduct of the concentrate, leaving the user with a clean hit to inhale. Its LED light and vibration modes will also notify its owner when it's heated up and ready to use. 

The Puffco Peak also offers a unique feature that enhances the social aspect of dabbing.  “Sesh Mode” increases the temperature and extends functionality by 15 seconds, allowing users to take multiple hits or pass around the circle to friends.


There are two cleaning options.

Quick Clean

  1. Quickest and easiest way to clean the Puffco Peak immediately after use? Insert a cotton swab inside of the bowl to absorb the leftover concentrate material.

Deep Clean

  1. Similar to cleaning a water pipe, fill a container with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and submerge the glass attachment in the solution for an hour. This will free up any sticky material leftover from past sessions. For a quicker clean, you can pour the isopropyl directly into the glass attachment and give it a forceful shake.
  2. If the sticky leftover residue isn't coming out of the bowl with a simple swipe of a cotton swab, heat up the device to liquify the leftover concentrate. This will make it easier to clean out.
  3. When cleaning the atomizer, unscrew it and submerge it into isopropyl alcohol, leaving it soaking overnight. Note: Because this cleaning solution is highly flammable, it's critical that the atomizer is completely dry before putting the Puffco Peak back into action.
  4. Only remove the bowl from its jacket if you must, as doing so increases the risk of breaking the atomizer. If you must remove it, place it on a flat surface and gently unscrew the heating element from the bowl. Note: Do not use a cotton swab to clean the atomizer, as this will likely cause it to break.
  5. To clean the base of the Puffco Peak, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl & use it to remove the leftover residue. From inside the base, you'll be able to clean hard to reach areas, such as the atomizer well and the airpath.
  6. Puffco also recommend using the swab to clean the gold connection pins on both the base and atomizer.