Pulsar RöK Electric Oil Rig


Pulsar RöK Electric Oil Rig
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  • 3 Voltage Settings
  • Disc Percolator
  • Isolated Airpath
  • 6.75″ Tall
  • Carb Cap Included
  • Coil-less Quartz and Ceramic Cups


Pulsar is the go to company for exceptional quality and medical grade vaping devices and have added the Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig to their range of vaporizers. 

Pulsar both disrupt and improve the dab rig platform market with this, the smallest portable rig available to date. providing users with a brand-new device that’s not only visually stunning but also economically priced. 

This practical portable electric dab rig is packed with the following essential features. 

Standing at 6.75 inches the unit consists of a coil-less atomizer, coil-less quartz cup for wax  and a ceramic cup for dry herb. Also a 2 in 1 electronic vaporizer for both wax and dry herbs, single button operation, 3 voltage settings, a tough all-metal body, 30 second RöK mode &  a borosilicate glass base that boasts low coefficients of thermal expansion boasting high resistance to thermal shock.

Vapor Quality

The Rok Electric Dab Rig’s bubbler mouthpiece sits flush atop the unit with the heating chamber sitting just across, the water filtration at the bottom providing the vapors with a longer path to travel. A long vapor path means that the vapor gets to cool down before you hit it, meaning that the vapors you inhale are clean, cool, and smooth. 

Apart from having cooler  vapors , Iong vapor paths means that it gets to dissipate any kind of irritants or any impurities. Shorter vapor paths tend to result in a much warmer and harsher vapor that might ward off beginners and advanced users alike. .  

The isolated airpath  gives the vapors an independent avenue to travel through meaning that the vapors won’t come into contact with any plastic elements of the unit or any of the device’s internal circuitry.

The water filtration unit located at the bottom of the device keeps carefully sifts and cleans the vapor of any irritants that may cause coughing and displeasure when vaping. 

Coil-less Quartz Cup

Unlike other devices that ensure you to make after-sales purchases, the Pulsar RöK Portable Oil Rig comes as an all-in-one unit. There are two heating cups so you can experience the effects of both heating elements for a truly satisfying session. 

This coil-less quartz cup ensures that you also get fast heating and clean clouds of vapor with enhanced viscosity and density. A coil-less ceramic cup is also included in the packaging which means that you’ll have the option to taste flavorful clouds of vapor with the ceramic heating cup’s low and slow heating capabilities. Both heating cups ensure clean and smooth vaporization. 

Temperature Control

The Rok Electric Dab Rig’s temperature flexibility allows the user to add customization options to your vape sessions. This means that you can change the output type of your vapors. 

From subtle and flavorful vapors to potent and visible clouds, there’s no stopping you from what kind of result you want to achieve. Your materials do react to the slightest change in temperature, just remember that the lower the temperature is, the more subtle the effects are and the higher you go, the more active ingredients are released and are extracted into the vapor.  

The low-temperature setting runs at 900 degrees Fahrenheit at the maximum with an output of 3.4 volts, the medium temperature level is at 950 degrees Fahrenheit at the most with 3.6 volts, and the high-temperature setting is at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit at 3.8 volts. The Pulsar RoK also has a cold start option, a pre-heat function, and a flower mode. The cold start option lets you enjoy your dabs right off the bat, the pre-heat function lets you pre-heat the coils and your concentrates before use, the flower mode turns this into a weed vape and other ground botanicals offering additional functionality.

Disc Percolator

The most powerful of all percolators, fritted disc percs are a similar, yet slightly more intense version of honeycomb percs. With even more holes, they will fill your piece with bubbles, producing plenty of smoke for you to inhale. 


  • 1 x Dabber tool
  • 2 x Wire brushes
  • 1 x Wax carb cap
  • 1 x Coilless quartz cup
  • 1 x Coilless ceramic cup
  • 2 x Silicone collars
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 4 x Crud Bud alcohol filled cotton buds