Rocket Keychain Grinder

Rocket Keychain Grinder
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The Rocket Grinder is one of the most unique items we have and it's not even a vaporizer. It is a hidden grinder that even the most attentive person won't notice. It is pretty small for its shape. It can be placed on your keychain making it portable and accessible anywhere you go. The best part about it is that it is a one-hitter and a storage unit all in one product.

The top part is the grinder. This helps your herbs get broken down into smaller pieces to help you get an even heat distribution. Below that is a storage container for all your herbs. The last pieces comes right off which exposes the one-hitter. When you remove that, you will see it get funneled into a bowl. It even comes with the option to install a screen on the grinder to help the loose herb flakes get sifted through.

The design looks like an oval with the top part much skinnier. It is made from stainless steel on the top and bottom with the middle part being leather. Like most vaporizers, it is held together by a really strong magnetic connection.

Now you will never forget your keys at home!