Sesh Gear Commute Dry Herb Vape

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Sesh Gear Commute Vaporizer
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Vapes don’t have to be complicated or expensive in order to be great. One excellent example of this is the Sesh Gear Commute, a budget-friendly vape that offers a comparable experience to other dry herb vapes on the market. If you want to make sure that you purchase the perfect dry herb vaporizer for your needs, let’s take a closer look at the Sesh Gear Commute and whether or not it’s right for you. 

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on this vape is, in one word, impressive. With multiple temperature settings and a borosilicate glass vapor path that flows upward to connect with the magnetic glass mouthpiece (plastic mouthpiece also included), dense, flavorful clouds are what you are ensured to experience when you use the Sesh Gear Commute. 


With a 30-second heat-up time, one-button operation, and a mouthpiece that comes right off to reveal the inner chamber (popping right back on when you are ready to vape), the Sesh Gear Commute is designed for ease of use, offering a high-quality, simple vape for both experienced vape enthusiasts and those who are just buying their first device. 

True Convection Heating

Housed in a ceramic chamber, your herbs are heated indirectly via convection heating, meaning that all of the flavors that your dry herbs have to offer are released without the burnt taste that often comes with conduction vaporizers. If you’re a fan of flavor, this vape will make sure you have the best experience possible. 

Temperature Variance

Although the Sesh Gear Commute does not offer full temperature control, it does come with three temperature presets: 390°F, 405°F, and 420°F. No matter whether you are looking for dense clouds or a light smoking session, these temperature presets are sufficient enough to provide the heat your herbs need. 


The Sesh Gear Commute comes with increased airflow technology, meaning that you are going to get a clean, smooth vaping experience, even when you are vaping at one of the higher temperature presets. 


Making sure that the ceramic chamber is clean is vital to getting a great experience each time you use the Sesh Gear Commute. Fortunately, cleaning is quite easy. For the detachable mouthpieces, simply take them out, let them soak isopropyl alcohol, and use a cotton swab to help you clear out any of the hard to reach residue. For the internal components, the Sesh Gear Commute comes with a cleaning brush that you can use to get out any residue after each vape session. 

How to Use a Sesh Gear Commute

As stated above, the Sesh Gear Commute is extremely to use. To get started using your device, simply: 

  • Remove the mouthpiece
  • Load finely ground herb into the internal chamber
  • Replace your mouthpiece
  • Hit the power button five times in quick succession to turn on the device
  • Press the power button once to cycle between temperature presets (this change will show on the LED light)

It’s that easy!

Budget vapes can be great, but finding a high-quality one can be hard. If you are on the hunt for a great budget-friendly vape that offers a high-quality experience, use the guide above to learn more about the Sesh Gear Commute and