Shipping & Orders

Shipping from Haze Vaporizers to domestic purchases in all 50 states of USA are FREE unless you want priority shipping for $5.

Any and all orders that are purchased with it being paid for before 4PM Pacific Time will be shipped the same day. Shipping centers have the last call for shipping at 5PM Pacific Time. Haze Vaporizers will need some time to process your orders and make sure it gets out on time. If we need to get the vaporizer shipped from another warehouse, it might take 1-2 business days to fulfill the order. You will be sent an email stating your order has been completed. Our last process in the fulfillment is sending the tracking number. When you purchase and make your order, you will need to fill it out with an email address. We use that email address to communicate with you on your order or email you your shipping tracking number that you will be using to track your orders estimated delivery date. Generally, orders over $150 require signature confirmation.

Our main office where we ship everything out from is located in Los Angeles, CA. Check out the following map to let you know the transit times from the day it ships to your shipping address you provided.



Pacific Time States

1-2 Shipping Days

Mountain Time States

2-3 Shipping Days

Central Time States

3-4 Shipping Days

Eastern States

3-4 Shipping Days

Alaska & Hawaii

4 Shipping Days

International Shipments

5-8 Shipping Days



The following are the different stages of the order process.

Pending Payment Haze Vaporizers is waiting for a payment to be made on the items you put into your shopping cart.

ProcessingThank you! We received the payment you just made on the items you ordered. The warehouse and office just got this message to start on the shipping part of your package.

Cancelled Your just successfully cancelled your order. If there is a problem or you have questions, please call us.

Failed – Try again. Either you need to create an account instead of trying it as a guest, your financial account, or it’s your credit/debit card issuer that is giving you the problem. Call them and make sure everything is ok.

Complete Green means go! Your order was fulfilled and is being sent your way! Check the tracking number we sent to you for estimated delivery date.


International Shipping

So far the only international shipping we do is to Canada, UK, and Australia. We have not implemented payment from any other country so far due to security reasons. We prefer to stay with United States and Canada as of now. Shipping to Canada will take about 5-8 days long if everything goes through smooth with transit and customs.

All international shipments will be subject to duties and fees paid by the purchaser.

All international shipments will includes fees to be paid by the purchaser

These fees are not applied by Haze Vaporizers, but occurs when any international purchase is made.

We accept shipping to AFO/APO bases.

We accept shipping to P.O. Boxes.

Tracking Your Order from Haze Vaporizers

Each customer’s order that is placed through Haze Vaporizers is provided with a special order number. You will get an email of your orders invoice and the order number will be on that. You use the order number to reference a question or comment about your order when contacting us.

Another email will be sent that will give you your tracking number. You can copy and paste that number into Google and it will give you only one search result. This will direct you to the shipping carrier that was used for your package and give you the estimated delivery date along with where the package is at the moment.

We will send you the tracking and you may not be able to track it right away. You will get a red note on USPS website saying "NOT FOUND". Don't worry, it needs to be scanned and passed through the USPS hub and it will start the process soon.

Discreet Shipping from Haze Vaporizers

All orders from Haze Vaporizers is treated and shipped with very high privacy and respect towards the customer. All orders are mailed out on a plain yellow/brown envelope package or a USPS priority envelope.

International orders are treated with the same respect with the addition of having a commercial invoice on it for customs.

Shipping Carriers

Depending on the order and the address we can use any of the main shipper carriers like the United States Postal Service (USPS), Fedex, or UPS. For the most part, we use USPS which ships to almost all address. Special requests can be made.

Return Policy

It is very important you read and understand Haze Vaporizers return policy. If your item has no parts in the box that have been used or tampered with then your order can be returned. You are eligible for a full refund if you return it back within 14 days of purchase. After 14 days days, we only allow replacements through our warranty. You will get one year warranty on all electrical components. Coils, chambers, and glass are excluded from the warranty.

International shipments are not under warranty.