ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Dab Vape Pen


ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Dab Vape Pen
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Unfortunately, the OG Four 2.0 Wax Vape Pen has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.


OG Four 2.0 Wax Vape Pen Includes:

  • 2 x Quartz Rod Single Coil Atomizers
  • 1 x 650mAh Battery
  • 1 x Polycarbonate Chamber
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Silicone Jar
  • 1 x USB Adapter
  • 2 x Cleaning Wipes

OG Four 2.0 Features:

  • Lava-Quartz Technology (Improves Quality)
  • Small and Compact
  • 510 Thread
  • XL Polycarbonate Heating Chamber
  • Deep Dish Atomizer for More Capacity
  • Low Temperature Coil for Improved Vapor Taste
  • Discreet
  • Handheld
  • Made for Waxy Oils
  • Medical Grade
  • Automatic temperature
  • Made from concentrates
  • Removable Mouthpiece
  • Vaporizer
  • 5 inches
  • Carry it anywhere!
  • Comes with Matching Dabber Tool


  • Vapor Quality: The OG Four 2.0 delivers very good vapor quality. This includes flavor as well as the vapor cloud size and thickness you can get from one simple pull. Having control over airflow and many other built in features help you control the overall experience so that you can enjoy your session as much as possible. Not only does the vapor start building immediately (and you can see it), but you can also expect great flavor. You will not get that burnt flavor like you often get from other portable vapes, usually toward the end of what you have loaded in the chamber. With this thing you can always count on good, strong, quality flavor that will last and having full control is just awesome. We are very impressed.
  • Portability: With all the new features included we were expecting something bigger. But this thing actually fits in your pocket and still delivers premium sized vapor clouds with great flavor which you rarely get with portables.
  • Ease of use: Even with all the cool new features & technology on the inside The ThisThingRips is still very easy to load, use, clean and maintain.
  • Efficiency: Depending on how you choose to use it you can get very impressive efficiency. With all the controls they give you this is going to be totally up to you, or at least more so than with any other portable vape. The quartz coil rod atomizer is actually able to heat your concentrates at a lower temperature for efficiency, but you can still burn through anything quickly if you try hard enough as many of us do! The choice is yours.
  • Battery: You will get a very strong 650mAh battery that seems to have good life to it and should provide long charge sessions. The USB charger allows you to charge it anywhere, which is very convenient. One of the coolest new features is the variable temperature smart battery, which remembers your last setting. Finally, you can charge it while you are using it.
  • Design & Construction Quality: The OG Four 2.0 looks really cool and has a very sleek design. Maybe even futuristic at the risk of sounding cliché or redundant. Many others claim this but very few actually hold up to the hype. The chrome finish is a nice touch. Even more impressive than the look is the high quality of the parts used inside. Not only are you getting a premium vape made from high quality parts, but it also looks really cool and performs very good!

Do you enjoy using glass rigs for your concentrates? Do you enjoy premium flavor? If so there is a good chance that you also appreciate the ability to control your session completely. These luxuries were not available in a portable until now. If you just got excited you are not the only one! Lets check our brand new ThisThingRips – OG Four 2.0 portable wax vaporizer review, which is based on our own tests as well as feedback from our own customers. Everyone seems very impressed… Let’s start with the basics.

The OG Four 2.0 dab pen looks really cool and is made well unlike most portables. It is very portable (small enough to fit in your pocket) and discrete.  OG Four 2.0 Wax Vape Pen coilEssentially you are getting a “portable rig” or a “rig that fits in your pocket” so you can take with you and enjoy your concentrates anywhere you want to go”.

It comes with a quartz bowl, (2) quartz rods wrapped in high-quality titanium and a patented new Lava-Quartz atomizer technology to deliver one of the truly premium performances compared to others. You will also get a strong 650mAh battery to add to the “rig like” experience.  We are also very impressed by the Polycarbonate heating chamber so you can see your vapor build up, adjustable air flow, variable temperature smart technology (remembers your last settings) and built in silicone jar, all for your convenience. Bottom line is they made this thing to deliver the best user experience and we think they have succeeded.

The OG Four 2.0 Dab Vape Pen by #ThisThingRips has a new coil that gives off quality vapor from performance to taste. The protected Lava-Quartz innovation is the first of its kind and draws motivation from the customary glass. This portable dab rig vaporizer rips like a work of art, with a full stainless steel bowl and two quartz rod wrapped in top notch titanium coils.


Quartz crystal technology is all the rage in today's modern vape world, and ThisThingRips new OG Four 2.0 dab pen is spot on the bleeding edge. Similar in configuration to their lead R2 Series, the OG Four 2.0 highlights an attractive chrome finish with an orange polycarbonate visual warming chamber. The greatest distinction, however, is the OG's cutting edge atomizer which uses quartz crystal parts (which replaces the inferior ceramic bar of the R2). Quartz consumes much cleaner than ceramic which saves the regular flavor.


It's about quartz. Outfitted with a quartz rod single coil atomizer, the OG Four 2.0 can match the power and execution of any dab pen available at a lower cost! Quartz is a significantly more idle material than ceramic, which means when it burns, you don't taste it. Rather, when you stack up a decent dab of concentrates and actuate the atomizer, you're just tasting your wax in its purest form. There's just no better approach to appreciate concentrates. Additionally, #ThisThingRips utilizes new and improved aligned low-temp coils, which guarantees that your wax is burning at the most reduced conceivable temperature. Gone are the times of burnt, burned tasting rips. Presently, with the mix of quartz calibrated and aligned coils, you're getting the most genuine, most ideal tasting hits possible.

Vape Production

The special quartz coil of the OG Four 2.0 vaporizes wax almost instantly and equitably to draw out a definitive vaping experience. The calibrated coil creates the purest flavors even while you vape on low temperature. What adds to the interest of this vape pen is its patent pending Deep Dish Design with a Lava-Quartz Coil, Large Polycarbonate warming chamber, and an immediate quad airflow framework. Having heard such a great amount of this vaporizer unit, I couldn't hold up to attempt the OG Four Vape Pen.


OG Four 2.0 Vape is a new design from This Thing Rips. Having an exclusive chrome finish and an orange polycarbonate heat chamber, the OG Four 2.0 utilizes a quartz bar single coil atomizer that is generally welcomed for vaporizing concentrates neatly and simply, abandoning no extra taste. These coils are intended to heat to the most reduced conceivable temperature for vaporization, giving you all the freshness related with low-temperature concentrate smoking. The OG Four 2.0 likewise comes bundled with an extra quartz atomizer, a 650mAh battery, a dabber tool, a silicone concentrate jar, two cleaning wipes, and a USB connector that takes into consideration simple charging from any place. OG Four 2.0 is the next hit for vape fans and concentrate epicureans alike, and with its ostentatious orange style you'll be making mists and taking names.


  • Cheap Price for a new dab vape pen
  • Advanced air flow design decreases draw resistance
  • Overall outstanding vapor element
  • Easy Usage
  • Simple to pack
  • Sleek design
  • Durable battery


  • Short warranty
  • R Series coil is a little large and not as compact
  • Polycarbonate chambers do detract from vapor quality