Best Dab Pens (Wax Vaporizers) of 2021: Top 21 List

Best Dab Pens (Wax Vaporizers) of 2021: Top 21 List

21st Mar 2020

A wax vaporizer, wax pen, or a dab pen are vaporizers that can be used specifically with wax. They can have the same design and look as a dry herb vape pen at times. We often ask ourselves what was the best in different categories. Well, this article gives us more of an in-depth look at the top 21 dab wax vaporizers of 2021.

There are different criteria that can put one above the other and price is not one of them. Different things we look for are the type of coil it uses, temperature control settings, how discreet it is, consistency of the vapor flavor and vapor quality. Once you know which one to buy, you'll be set for 7/10 Day!

Best Dab Pens of 2021

Dabbing is the act of vaping concentrated forms of dry herbs by using a dab pen. Every year more and more vapes come out which means more technological advancements like features and quality of the vape pen. [sc name="Dab Pens Table Code v1"] We try to list the best dab pens of every year to help you pick the right one. Prices vary but quality and features are top-notch. Knowing how to use a dab vape pen stays consistent but everything else will be ever-changing. 2021 is a great year for the new vaporizers on the market.

#1. KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer

The Kandypens Prism Plus is a wax vaporizer offered by well-known manufacturer KandyPens. It is a very compact device with dimensions of only 1.25” x 3.5” x 6” and a weight of only 0.40 pounds. This vaporizer does not come with precision temperature control but it does come with preset temperature settings that are displayed on the device by four different colors.

Features & Benefits:

Some of the key features that come with the KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer include two glass mouthpieces that allow you to take flavorful hits without having to ruin the vapor flavors with plastic pieces, a choice of a dual quartz rod atomizer or a ceramic coilless atomizer (both of these atomizers have something special to offer when it comes to heating up your wax), and a small dab tool that can be attached to your keychain so that you can use your device absolutely anywhere.

A sleek and slender body with a powerful battery and great attachments makes the KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer a great choice for anyone who loves taking dabs on the go while also being discreet and not needing large amounts of equipment to vape. 

kandypens prism plus vaporizer black and white

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#2. Dr. Dabber Boost e-Rig

This unit is a game-changing device that allows you to enjoy concentrates, waxes, and oils in style. Dr. Dabber Boost e-Rig has a sleek and slim design that matches any lifestyle, and it does a wonderful job keeping you under the radar if you're a traveler. Designed for ease of use such that anyone, including a novice, can use it, yet sophisticated enough for veterans.


The unit comes with a replaceable 2500mAh battery for heating the nail, which comes in three options: titanium, ceramic, and quartz. The Boost e-Rig helps to greatly conserve your product and eliminate wastage as it only requires a very small amount of wax at a time, which can give you maximum effect. 


Although the device has a metal body, you have to take caution so that you don't damage the glass percolator that acts as a water filtration system to help keep the vapor cool and fresh, preventing throat or lungs irritation. The Dr. Dabber Boost does not have any temperature control, just click the power button three times quickly to heat the titanium and quartz nails, and five times quickly for the ceramic nail. Expect the power button to glow blue when the titanium and quartz nails are heat and white when the ceramic is heated.  Dr. Dabber Boost eRig

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#3. Boundless CF-710

Next on our list of the best wax vaporizers of 2021 is the Boundless CF-710 from Boundless Technology. This device adds another dimension to your dabbing experience with pure flavor and great vapor from your concentrates while on the go. This dab pen is very portal and solid to hold. It takes the shape of a pen marker with a diameter of 20 mm and a height of 5.5″ (140mm), which makes it a perfect unit for discreet dabbing. 


The CF-710 eliminates the need for butane or electrical cords, thanks to its internal 16500 battery with a capacity of 900mAh. The battery capacity is one of the reasons why this wax device is great. Other units within the same price range come with 650mAh batteries which start cutting off after a few sessions. 

The Boundless CF-710 wax pen uses replaceable heating coils with options for switching between a dual quartz coil and a single ceramic coil. While both coils are pure and durable, the quartz coil produces greater flavor, but thinner vapors and the ceramic coil produces thicker vapors but less tasty flavor. boundless cf-710 vaporizer

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#4. Kandypens Crystal

Kandypens got into the vaporizer manufacturing business in 2014, and since then, the company has won a sizable share of the market by producing unique and quality vaping devices. The Kandypens Crystal is explicitly designed for discreet consumption of herbal concentrates. The unit is stylish and portable, and when held, it feels like holding a marker. With a 900mAh battery, you are guaranteed multiple vaping sessions on a single charge unlike other wax units in the market. 


The Crystal is pretty straightforward to use. It combines a quartz bucket coil heating method, a quartz chamber, a glass mouthpiece, and four voltage options to deliver pure and flavorful vapors. It is important to note that the vapor density and flavor depend on the voltage setting. If you prefer flavor over vapors, then vaping at a lower voltage is the best way to go, but if you love the clouds, then you should switch to a higher voltage. 

The unit also features an innovative sesh mode that automatically heats your wax for 10 seconds, non-stop. This feature can come in handy when you want to take quickdraws on the go. A double-tap on the power button will activate this mode. 

kandypens crystal box

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#5. Puffco Plus V2

The Puffco Plus V2 wax vaporizer is one of the sleekest and most straightforward vaping units out there in the market. The Plus V2's greatest strength is its simplicity and ease of use. Operating the device is not rocket science and can be done with a few clicks. The device is so simple to use that it eliminates all the complexities that usually come with most dabbing units. 


The unit features a plated brass exterior with a single control button, three temperature settings, a 12-seconds sesh mode, and a coilless ceramic chamber for clean vapor production. The major downside of this device is its battery capacity. It uses a 520mAh battery which gives around 50 hits in a single charge.

puffco plus vape

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#6. KandyPens Mini Wax

Featuring a retro candy gloss design and a ton of features that you would only expect to be present in much larger wax vaporizers, the MINI by KandyPens is a winner in both aesthetic and function. This compact vaporizer is only about 1.25” x 3.25” x 5.5” and weighs approximately 0.46 pounds. This dab pen comes installed with three preset temperatures at 350°F or 177°C, 390°F or 199°C, and 430°F or 221°C.

Features & Benefits:

Some of the features that come with the KandyPens MINI include a coilless ceramic atomizer that ensures the quality of your vapor and makes sure that you don’t waste any wax during your sessions, an elevated airflow system that prevents clogging and makes sure that your wax doesn’t leak out of your pen, a stunning 5-second heat-up time that allows you to hit your vape instantly, pass-through charging so that you can continue to use your vape even when you have it plugged in, and a ton of tools to help you use your MINI from the moment you purchase it.

With a beautiful design and an even more impressive set of features, the KandyPens MINI wax vaporizer is hard to beat. If you’re in the market for a dab pen, the MINI is one of the main pens that you should keep in the back of your mind.

kandypens mini all colors

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#7. Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro

The Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro is an impressive dual-use (dry herb and wax) device packed into a box that is only 2” x 3” x 5” with a weight of only 0.70 pounds. Like other palm-sized dual-use portable vaporizers, the Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro has precision temperature control. It also has the capability of reaching temperatures as low as 104°F or 40°C and temperatures as high as 446°F or 230°C.


Some of the key features included in the Flowermate V5.0s include the vaporizer’s ability to vaporize both dry herbs as well as wax inside of its ceramic chamber. The use of hybrid heating which is a combination of conduction and convection heating for a high-quality vaping experience is a must. It also has an isolated air path combined with a glass mouthpiece that makes sure your vapors are untainted and flavorful when you begin hitting the device.


There is a digital LED display that allows you to track and set your vape temperature. You can also use it to keep tabs on your current battery life. A new feature that some vapes also have is the power bank feature so that you can charge other devices using your vaporizer. There is a 30-second heat-up time that gives you the ability to vape quickly, which is normal.

If you’re looking for something that is compact, convenient, and packed full of useful features that make for great vaping sessions, the Flowermate V5.0s Mini Pro is definitely one of the best vaporizers out right now. flowermate v5.0s Mini vaporizer

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#8. Kind Pen Dream

The list of the best wax vaporizers of 2021 won't be complete without the Kind Pen Dream. This unit is a powerful device that houses premium features in a very tiny body. The most impressive spec of this Kind Pen Dream is the integrated 1500mAh capacity battery that guarantees long vaping sessions on the go. 


Dream features a deep ceramic oven and a replaceable glass mouthpiece that has a built-in airflow control. The ceramic chamber, coupled with the three preset temperature settings allows users to enjoy controlled dabbing sessions with flavorful vapors. The oven is perfectly sized such that it can hold a reasonable amount of concentrate for long-lasting sessions before a refill is required.

The device lets you swap between two atomizers - the coilless chamber with a ceramic dish for zero combustion and the dual quartz rod wrapped with titanium coils for slow and relaxed vaping sessions. 

The Kind Pen Dream Starter Kit

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#9. Dr. Dabber Aura

Aura is another powerful wax vaporizer from Dr. Dabber's collection. The Aura, just like many other products from the Manufacturer, delivers a unique and quality vaping experience for dabbers. Dr. Dabber Aura was designed for excellent mobility. The device is not just portable but also features a magnetic SnapTech innovation that lets you assemble and disassemble the unit with great ease and comfort. 

Wax Atomizers

The unit comes with three atomizers - dual quartz rod, dual ceramic rod, and ceramic halo heater - with each offering a different experience with the concentrates. The quartz rod is perfect for thick oils, the ceramic rod is suitable for high viscosity concentrates, while the ceramic halo is ideal for waxier oils. 

The atomizer is not the only customizable spec of the Dr. Dabber Aura wax pen; the device also has three heat settings that give you a varying experience. But as with any other wax pen, the lesser the heat, the better the flavor and the higher the heat, the thicker the vapor.

Dr. Dabber Aura Vape Pen

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#10. Kandypens Galaxy

If you're looking for an inexpensive, yet durable, portable, and classy vaping device, then the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer is just the perfect unit for you. Awarded Best Vape Pen by "The Vape Critic," the Galaxy vape pen features quartz and stainless steel chamber, long-lasting battery, dual quartz rod atomizer wrapped in titanium coils, and a large mouthpiece to deliver the thickest vapor with each draw. 


This KandyPens' model is equipped with a fast charging technology that fully charges the battery in an hour via a USB charging port. Kandypens understand that users have distinct needs, and that is why the Galaxy wax vaporizer is available in five different colors - turquoise, pink, white, black, and neon purple - to suit your lifestyle. 


The device comes with a hard shell carrying case for enhanced mobility when you're on the go. There is no way you would accidentally put on your device, as the Galaxy vape pen is programmed to switch between the power options, by rapidly clicking the K button five times. This way, you can avert wasting your concentrates. 

Changing the heat control setting is also done by rapidly clicking the K button three times to toggle between temperatures of 350ºF, 390ºF, and 430ºF, which is represented by an LED light indicator of light red, green, and blue respectively.

  kandypens galaxy wax vape pen

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#11. Flytlab Stik

The Flytlab Stik is a stylish, portable vape pen that can fit into any user’s pocket. This device comes with a ceramic Slab and a dual quartz atomizer. Choosing between the Slab and the Dual quartz, users can decide to go from 200°F – 650°F degrees temperature. This helps you determine if you want to increase the heat for thick vapors or lower the heat to enjoy the flavor. 


The exterior design of this vape pen makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a unique rectangular shape that gives users the feeling that they have purchased an expensive gadget. The good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank for this device as it is very affordable. 


Powered by a non-removable 800mAh battery, the device can handle multiple sessions on a full charge. Interestingly, despite its long-lasting battery, it only takes about 90 minutes to reach a full charge. The four LED lights add to the beauty of this device, making the Flytab Stik more attractive.

The carb mouthpiece of this vaporizer is an added advantage as it lets you control the airflow with your lips. The unit also features a magnetic connector that makes assembly of the various parts very easy - even beginners would not have a problem joining the parts.

  flytlab stik

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#12. QloudUp Nexus Pro Vaporizer

The QloudUp Nexus Pro Vaporizer is a 4.5” tall, sleek, easy-to-use wax pen. Despite being made with stainless steel, the weight of the Nexus pro is as light as a feather. It comes with great features including flash charging, ceramic atomizer, and dual quartz atomizers, deep half gram chamber, magnetic connectors, and long battery life, all at an affordable price.


The device also features four temperature settings starting from 330°F with the highest at 480°F, which are perfect for wax and concentrates. Although the QloudUp Nexus Pro Vaporizer may not be the ideal device for experienced vapers due to its low capabilities when compared with other expensive vaporizers, it can offer a decent vaping experience to beginners and some regular vape users.   

Lifetime Warranty:

Users do not need to worry about the return policy of this product should, in case it develops problems during use, because this model comes with a lifetime warranty.

  nexus pro qloudup wax vape

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#13. Linx Hypnos

One of the best looking and sleekest wax vape pens on the market is the Linx Hypnos. From the stainless steel look to the cleanliness design, you will appreciate this wax vapor pen. It even looks just as nice, if not nicer with the glass mouthpiece on it. The Linx Hypnos does not contain any glue, paint, or fiber anywhere on or in the vape. Everything is made from medical grade equipment from the stainless steel to the ceramic to the coil and even glass. It is truly portable with its short stature standing at 4 inches and 14mm in diameter. As you can tell by now, we love temperature controlled wax vape pens and this is another one. It has 4 different temperatures to choose from. You start at low (blue), then medium-low (green), medium-high (yellow), high (red). The batteries' input voltage is 2.7 – 5.5v and the output is 3.5v – 4.1v. The battery is also 510 threaded so you can interchange it with other chambers and vapes but it won’t be necessary after you see the potential of the Linx Hypnos.


We cannot get over the quality of this dab pen. From the design to the vapor quality, everything is A1 from start to finish. It has a solid build that you can just taste as you use it. The ceramic atomizer is exactly what you need. Since the update, there are two types of Linx Hypnos with different coils. The Linx Hypnos original has a titanium wrapped coil with a ceramic rod atomizer where the Linx Hypnos Zero is a ceramic dish. It is all in preference but we think the Linx Hypnos Zero has a better-tasting atomizer. It burns a bit slower and keeps the good tasting vapor consistent and offers a great airflow vapor path.

How to Use the Linx Hypnos:

Press the white clear button 5 times quickly to turn it on. Unscrew the top chamber to show the atomizer and drop a nice small dab in there then screw it back on. Choose your temperature by clicking on the button 3 times to toggle between the 4 pre-set temperatures. Click the button and wait about 5 seconds before you take a slow drag. There is no real turning off the feature. You have to keep your finger on the power button for longer than 15 seconds to automatically have it shut off.

Pros: We cannot brag about this pen enough. On top of it all, it is a very low price compared to a lot of other vaporizers. The price is definitely a big factor along with just about everything else we talked about which was good. The glass mouthpiece is even a great added benefit because it helps with the great vapor taste.

Linx Hypnos Portable Wax Vaporizer Pen

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#14. Pulsar APX Wax

The Pulsar APX Wax, or APX W, is a new addition to the Pulsar lineup that offers power as well as portability. This extremely compact device has dimensions of 2”  x3” x 5.5” and a lightweight of about 0.45 pounds. This device appears to have preset temperature settings but there seems to be no information online about what those settings are or how hot the APX W is capable of getting.

Features & Benefits:

Some of the features that you can see in the Pulsar APX W include a heating chamber made of pure quartz for rapid heating, replaceable atomizer tanks, replaceable triple quartz rod atomizers, dabs that only take five seconds for convenience, a huge selection of bodies that you can choose from for those who like plainer designs and for those who like more customization, interchangeable glass, and stainless steel mouthpieces depending on the users preference, and a charge time of only one hour and 30 minutes.

If you need something small and discreet but also powerful, highly-customizable, and high-quality, the Pulsar APX W might be the wax vaporizer that you need.

pulsar apx wax vaporizer THC element

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#15. Yocan Loaded

The Yocan Loaded is a shiny and chunky metal body wax vaporizer that features the latest design and technology from Yocan – one of the best vape manufacturers. The device follows the Evolve Plus, Evolve Plus XL, and Magneto, but specifically designed for convenient loading. 

Yocan Loaded has a lot to offer. The device combines portability, durability, extended battery life, and convenience to give you an excellent vaping experience. The unit has four colors - black, white, blue, and red. 


The Loaded vape pen comes with a built-in wax chamber and a non-removable 1400 mAh battery that lasts up to three hours of continuous use. The device is equipped with dual quartz and quad quartz coil to ensure relaxed and convenient vaping of all types of concentrates. 

It also features an extendable mouthpiece, which makes vaping sessions more comfortable. Surprisingly, the mouthpiece does not alter the device’s portability. However, things can get nasty on the mouthpiece due to this feature. Try keeping the unit in your pocket, bag, or purse to prevent clogging and dirt. Yocan loaded vaporizers

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#16. Atmos Kiln

The Atmos Kiln has a design extremely similar to that of the KandyPens Mini but with fewer features. This wax pen has dimensions of 1.75” x 2.5” x 5.5” and a weight of approximately 0.80 pounds. This is another model that has no temperature controls or settings, which may be an issue for some vape enthusiasts. Like the previous vaporizer, this one only has a single button for all of your vaping needs.

Features & Benefits:

Some of the key features in the Atmos Kiln include the ceramic coilless atomizer that gives you more powerful vape hits and helps you to conserve your wax rather than waste it on coils, the ability to turn most any e-juice mod into a powerful dab rig, an easy-to-modify body that allows you to take control of your vaping experience and do what you want with the Kiln, and bonus tools that help you to get the most out of your dab pen.

To be honest, the Atmos Kiln leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to a dab pen. However, if you are just starting out on your vape journey or if you just need a simple device for your dab sessions then the Atmos Kiln might be the way to go.

atmos kiln colors

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#17. Yocan Evolve Plus

Yocan is a vape manufacturer that is known for creating high-quality devices and the Evolve Plus is no exception. This wax pen is a heavy, compact device that has measurements of 1.25” x 3.25” x 5.75” and a large weight of approximately 4 pounds. The Evolve Plus offers no temperature control, which may be a problem for some. However, the features more than makeup for the lack of temperature controls.

Features & Benefits:

Some of the features that you will see in the Yocan Evolve Plus include a built-in concentrate jar located towards the bottom of the vaporizer that allows you to store and carry extra wax with you wherever you take your pen, a dual quartz wax atomizer with an atomizer cap for powerful dabbing sessions that prevents leaking, a larger chamber for better heating and improved holding capabilities, an impressive 3-second heat-up time for vape enthusiasts who can’t wait to hit their wax, and tools to help you remove and load wax from your Evolve Plus.

Although the weight of this device might be a bit much for some and the lack of temperature controls can also be a deterrent, the Evolve Plus is a very well-built device and is perfect for any vaper who wants to be able to carry their wax and device around with ease.

yocan evolve plus wax vaporizer

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#18. G Pen Nova

Grenco Science is the brain behind this masterpiece vape pen. The G Pen Nova entire body and mouthpiece is made with silicone, giving it a great feeling of comfort. Even though the mouthpiece tends to get dirty because of its extendable feature, the silicone property of this pen makes cleaning very easy. The stealthy matte black finish helps to maintain the standard of discreetness on the go.


Combined with a built-in ceramic stirring tool and a quartz bowl, you are guaranteed pure and clean vapors. Although it gets very oily and messy when vaping with the device, it still helps ensure each vaping experience is smooth.

Battery and Voltage:

The G Pen wax vaporizer comes with an integrated 300mAh battery for use that can last for a few sessions. With such a low capacity battery, the unit is best suited for beginners. The device has an LED light indicator that shows the power voltage of 3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V displayed as red, green, and blue, respectively. The G pen Nova also comes with an auto heat feature which prevents it from overheating. 

nova vaporizer box

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#19. Honey Dabber 2

Honey Dabber 2 features a sleek, magnetic, wooden body that measures 5.25 inches in height. The wooden magnetic component in the body helps protect users from hurting themselves, even when the tip is still hot. This device is pocket-friendly, lightweight, and convenient. It comes with two straw options: titanium and glass, which can be revealed by gently pulling the Honey Dabber II from both ends. The glass straw helps to deliver flavorful vapors while removing obnoxious scents during vaping sessions. The titanium straw, on the other hand, produces better heat and thicker vapors. 

Design and Quality:

Designed to achieve a variety of flavor profiles, the length of the Honey Dabber 2 ensures that the vapor is smooth and fresher than most vaping devices. When the device is held upright during vaping, there is a possibility that users might suck hot wax. This seems to be a problem for all vaping devices in the market. However, if the device is held horizontally, you won’t have to face this issue. The Honey Dabber 2 is a very convenient, portable, affordable, and easy-to-use device that helps get the most of your waxy concentrates.

  honey dabber 2 with quartz straw

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#20. Yocan Evolve 2.0

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is a unique vaping device that offers premium features that cannot be found in regular vaping devices. The Evolve 2.0 runs on a pod-based framework. Unlike many other wax pens, the Yocan Evolve 2.0 is designed to work with concentrates, thick oils, and e-juices.


This device is portable and discreet enough to keep you under the radar for outdoor use. It is powered by a built-in 650mAh battery for more vaping sessions for the average vapers, although regular and heavy vapers would yearn for more battery capacity. 

Improved Air-Flow

While the airflow from this device may be considered as “harsh” for average users, this is good news for users who like harsh hits. However, the vapor that is produced by the Evolve 2.0 is not very dense neither is it too thin - users are guaranteed of getting the best flavors from their concentrates and oils.

3 in 1:

The Yocan Evolve 2.0 is equipped with ceramic coils for e-Juice and oil, and a dual quartz coil for wax concentrates. It comes with three refillable magnetic pods - the black pod is for wax, the white is for e-liquid, and green for thick oils.

yocan evolve 2 all colors

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#21. Yocan Magneto

Yocan Magneto wax pen is a budget-friendly device manufactured by Yocan – a reputable vape manufacturing company based in the United States. The Magneto is an all-in-one portable concentrate vaporizer featuring a built-in concentrate tool, magnetic coil cap, and a built-in silicone storage compartment, making this compact modern unit the perfect vape pen for on the go vaping.


Although the device comes with an adjustable temperature, users would need to learn how to manually set the temperature via the power button for the best result. The Magneto vaporizer features a ceramic coil and two-layer system to produce thick, smooth vapor in seconds. A hole is added on the side of the vape pen to speed up the vaporization process. 


This Yocan model is designed with magnets, thus the name “Magneto.” The magnetic feature allows you to assemble and disassemble each component without any difficulty. Loading and cleaning the atomizer is straightforward and seamless. 


The length of this device is just 4.3 inches long, making the device to fit in any pocket, palm, or purse. Its small size did not stop it from housing a powerful 1100mAh battery, thus offering more vaping sessions. It has a single button design, which makes the device easy to use.

  yocan magneto vaporizer

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What's a Wax Vaporizer?

A wax vaporizer is a rechargeable and sometimes replaceable battery operated vaporizer that its main purpose is to vaporize concentrates. Often times a wax vape pen will be dual-use or triple use so it can vaporizer other materials like herbs and liquids too. This can mean they share the same chamber but the wax uses its own pod or that the chamber gets changed for the correct material. Dab vape pens are designed for the vaper that prefers concentrates as their go-to medicine. The main difference between a wax vape pen and other vaporizers is the chamber for it. Atomizers specifically for concentrates are created different. One thing to remember is a vaporizer with lower heat will usually produce good vapor flavor and ones with high heat will produce a lot of vapor but keep the vapor level low. They generally work the same way as other vaporizers, usually turned on by 5 clicks. If it is a temperature-controlled vape pen, it is usually controlled by 3 clicks.

Difference Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Dab Pens?

The similarities in different vape pens like ones for dry herbs and ones for concentrates are design, shape, size, and feel. However, the main difference is inside the heating chamber. When you open the chamber and look at the atomizer, you will notice a big difference. Herbal heating atomizers are generally a flat circle coil or an empty chamber with holes to heat it up. The wax atomizer can come in a plethora of designs from ceramic coils to ceramic dish to titanium nails to quartz rods wrapped in titanium coils. Dab pens also come with dab tools so you can scrape the wax and place it on the coil. Some coils tend to break or give out quicker than others depending on your atomizer. When you have been using it for a couple of weeks, the coil can be detached from the amount of oil build up over time.