What's 710 - The New 420 for Oil and Wax

What's 710 - The New 420 for Oil and Wax

21st Mar 2020

420 has practically become a universally known event and is celebrated in most parts of the world in order to give thanks or show appreciation to. 710 is another marijuana-oriented celebration although not as well known. As vaporizers are spreading in popularity, so is the good word about 710. But all this just leads to the question: What is 710 exactly?

What’s 710 ? 

710 is fast becoming the de-facto date for celebrating all things cannabis concentrate related. That includes hash oils, waxes, other concentrates, and the vaporizers used to consume these products get special recognition on 7/10. But why the date 7/10 (July 10th)? Unlike 4/20 the origin story of 7/10 doesn't stem from a long-established ritual of smoking cannabis past school or business hours. Take the numbers 710, flip them upside down and you get the word “OIL” which is exactly what celebrating 7/10 is all about!

Who Invented it?

Unfortunately, at this point, it seems impossible to determine where or who exactly the tradition of celebrating “International Dab Day” or the “Day of the Dab” stemmed from. This isn't really unusual in the cannabis culture. There are many who lay claim to the fact that they started the trend or at least helped fan the flames leading to the spread of 710. There's really no way to accurately pinpoint the exact origins. All that we know now is that usage of the date and term stuck eventually through rampant use and is fast gaining worldwide recognition.

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Whats Dabbing

Since many have coined 7/10 (July 10th) as the Day of the Dab, this just begs the question: What is dabbing? No, it's not that popular pose or dance that most teens love to strike. Dabbing is basically concentrated cannabis and the act of dabbing is to heat it up and inhale the wax. The reason that they're becoming a lot more popular these days is largely thanks to the legalization. There is also regularization of the weed industry where stricter standards are now put in place in the manufacturing of all hemp related products.

When it was introduced, the quality of dabs had the tendency to be very inconsistent due to the commonly used methods of using solvents such as butane or carbon dioxide. There is a lot of factors that the average hobbyist or DIY-er could easily mess up. Now that marijuana is legal in some states, the entire industry has become more or less standardized. The process of creating marijuana-based concentrates, further elevating the quality of products.

Now you know what dabs are, you might be even more curious to know as to how one dabs. Dabbing is essentially a new way of consuming your cannabis where a tiny amount of cannabis concentrate (the dab in this case) is quickly vaporized via a hot surface, similar to how a conduction style vaporizer works. The quick and instant vaporization of the concentrate results in a much more immediate and intense high which might not otherwise be achieved via the careful and slow process of dry herb vaporization or even combustion.

Dab Pen

A dab pen or a wax vaporizer is one of the easiest ways to consume your waxes. It is the simplest way to heat your concentrates up and also the most discreet method. A wax vaporizer is usually an electronic device that resembles a sharpie or a pen. It comes with a battery, a coil to heat your material and a mouthpiece. You simply dab your concentrates onto the coil and heat it up. Vapor is released rather quickly since the wax and the coil are in direct contact. The temperature of a dab pen is much less than using a dab rig. This can help you from inhaling Benzene.

Benefits of a Wax Pen

A wax pen has many benefits to it that far outweigh owning a dab rig. Knowing you have the piece of mind to leaving the house without any glass or bulky pockets is a nice feeling. This is what it can feel if you want a wax pen.

Save Money

Even though a wax vape pen can range in price,it is generally not more than a dab rig. They generally range from $10-$200 with most of them being just around $40. Saving money can help you out in the long run. This means you can buy more concentrates while getting the same benefits.Another great thing is that you get warranty on most units. You don't have to worry about breaking it and being out of money.


Vaporizers are known to preserve the flavor of whatever you're vaping. Your concentrates will taste much better and you will be able to taste the terpenes. The reason for this is because of the temperature of the heat. Vaping uses lower temperatures than burning and smoking. Anything that burns your material is going to give a nasty taste.


As much as having a dab rig is portable, it's just not the same carrying around glass. Portable dab pens work best because they're small enough to fit in your pocket. You can take it almost anywhere and this helps the discrete aspect.


Even though cannabis is becoming legalized throughout the United States, it is still a taboo in most peoples eyes. This makes vapers or dabbers hesitant to be open about it. Vapes are super discreet and can fly under the radar pretty easily. Packing your wax and taking a hit can be done very stealthy.

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Dab Rig

A dab rig or an oil rig is a glass water pipe that is used for waxes and concentrates. They contain a dome with a nail that is made from glass, titanium, or quartz. Unlike a vape which is so easy to use, a rig requires heating up the nail with a torch. The temperature needs to get up really high to make sure it melts the oil. The design of the glassware is usually very interesting compared to a water pipe for herbs. A quality dab rig is definitely an experience on its own.

Benefits of a Dab Rig

Owning a dab rig can be overwhelming sometimes. You need to use a torch to get the nail to heat up. Although this may be a longer process, there are some benefits of a dab rig that you don't get with a wax vape.

Intense Experience

A wax pen is nothing compared to an oil rig as far as the experience goes. Smoking from a rig is a different experience. From the way you heat it up to the way you feel after. Since the temperature is burning higher, the smoke is much more. Not only do you get a bigger hit but you get more for little.

Group Parties

A dab rig is great to use at a party. When you want to smoke with a bunch of people, using a rig will make it easier. Instead of passing the vape, you can light the nail until its red hot and people can take turns hitting it. You can keep dabbing your glob onto the nail and since it is a lot more smoke than vapor from a vape pen, you don't need to keep hitting it.

What are Oils, Wax, and Concentrates?

Wax, shatter, hash oil, and crumble might be some of the terms you've heard in regards to vaping concentrates. While the sheer variety and wide range of nomenclature used for concentrates can be sometimes confusing, the differences between these types of concentrates are usually skin deep and often yield similar results.

Cannabis extracts or concentrates are basically any oil based substance in which the main compounds of marijuana such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are extracted into. This is usually achieved by a wide variety of solvents and processes with butane being the most popular solvent used to extract THC. With the legalization and therefore industrialization of weed products, we're seeing more and more new methods crop up such as the utilization of carbon dioxide and pure hydrocarbons in closed loop pressurized setups which contribute to yielding a much more potent and high-quality concentrate (i.e not your basic home-made stuff).

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Types of Cannabis Concentrates?


Cannabis Wax is the term used to refer to a solid yet soft form of oil extract. Unlike shatter or hash oil, the crystallization of the wax material results in an opaque substance with a golden yellow coloring. Not all wax concentrates are made the same though. There are a multitude of factors that come into play which can affect the consistency and moisture content of wax concentrates (temperature and texture of the oil used for example).

Softer waxes that have a gooey consistency due to their higher moisture content are referred to as “budder”. Drier forms of wax can be considered “honeycomb” or “crumble”. These are more brittle and as the name implies, tends to crumble when handled, unlike budder which has a pastier and gooier consistency. Despite the differences in texture and consistency, however, any of these products still fall under the “wax” subcategory of concentrates.


Thanks to the clear amber-like transparency of shatter, it's often considered to be the purest and most undiluted form of marijuana concentrate. Depending on the moisture content of the shatter, each yield can have a consistency somewhat close to sap which is slightly runny and stick. Lower moisture yielding forms of shatter are known as “pull-and-snap” due to their tendency to do so when being handled.

Hash Oil

Hash oils are often the basic entry point for most would-be dabbers in the world of concentrates. These are easier and less costly to produce making them a relatively more affordable option. Unlike wax or shatter that be considered as solids, hash oils are runny and have very similar properties to your standard oil in the sense that it's runny. It also easily takes the shape of whatever container it uses.

Due to the liquid-like property of hash or THC oils, they're a very popular option for used in pre-filled “plug-and-play” THC oil cartridges. They're easily and readily vaped by even the most neophyte dabber. Unlike dabbing with wax and shatter, hash oils don't have much of a learning curve, but there is a trade off involved. Oils produce a much milder and relaxing sensation, while the effects of dabbing wax concentrates are intense and more immediate.