Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer

Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer
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Unfortunately, the Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.


Being new to the vape scene can be intimidating with the immense learning curve involved with some of the newer vaping technology. This issue is solved by portable dry herb vapes like the Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer. Anyone new to the vape world will feel comfortable with this flame lit pipe style vaporizer. Vapor Genie features a bounty of beautiful pipe style vapes made from wood, metal, glass and combinations of the materials. The actual heating chamber is more of an electric pipe that bakes herbs without any flame applied directly. There is small, easy to use technology involved with the Vapor Genie pipe vape to help create a delightful vapor that doesn’t have any flavor of burnt popcorn. Now let’s break down all of the specifications of the Vapor Genie vape pipe to figure out exactly how great it is.


With the traditional and adorable pipe body style, the Vapor Genie remains familiar however novice the person that is vaping may be. The external shell is made of wood that can be purchased in a variety of fun, vibrant and subdued colors. Buy a Vapor Genie pipe in purple, red, green, blue, yellow, black, cozumel, maple and oak. The internal shell is made of metals. The upper portion of the bowl is made from a silicon carbide flame filter that unscrews from the pipe to reveal the herbal chamber. This piece requires no voltage since the chamber is heated with flame which makes this a very unique vaporizer that uses no electricity. Vapor Genie pipe vaporizer is lightweight and small, it’s easy to take on the road or use at home if you’re using a bag. If you’re looking for a piece to put in your pocket the VaporGenie won’t fit your needs, but it will fit great into any purse or backpack. It’s a great piece for sharing and personal sessions. We definitely recommend the King Pen Vapes Carry Case if you want to take it with you where ever you go.

How the Vape Genie Pipe Vaporizer Works

The Vapor Genie vape pipe is really easy to use, it works best when the dry herbs are finely ground. After grinding the herbs, take the cap off of the pipe and pack the chamber about ¾ full with herbs. Now just snap the cap back on the metal lid. The pipe works by applying heat to the lid with a lighter which in turn heats the chamber without applying the flame directly to the herbs. It is the silicon carbide flame filter that dissipates the heat from the direct flame which makes it burn a little cooler and evenly vaporize the herbs. When lighting it’s recommended that the vape pipe is lit with an electric torch instead of a butane torch. It works best if you gain knowledge of how a bowl tastes when it’s almost done. This way you won’t feel the need to constantly open the top of the chamber to check on the herb status.

Vapor Quality

As far as the quality of vapor goes, the Vapor Genie is pretty awesome. It’s basically like using an electric pipe that cuts out direct flame but doesn’t exactly vaporize the herbs nor actually uses electricity or a battery. The quality of vapor is still lighter than what would be emitted from a regular pipe. Applying a regular lighter to herbs can burn them higher than 800° F. Meanwhile the medicinal terpenes and phenols found in herbs burn between 200-500°. Applying direct flame hurts the herbs and burns off a lot of the healing materials in the dry herbs. Although the Vapor Genie doesn’t use true convection style heating elements, the silicone carbide filter dissipates heat to help the chamber burn lighter and at an optimal temperature for vaping. Thus, the quality of vapor is great for anyone with interest in vaping herbs. If done right, the vapor will be thick and tasty with no burnt or harsh smoke comes through the Vapor Genie.

Final Verdict

My final verdict on the Vapor Genie pipe style vape is that it is a worthwhile beginner vape. An advanced vaper will appreciate something with a bit more technology involved, the Vapor Genie is a rudimentary beginner vape. Since it doesn’t use convection style this isn’t the right fit for anyone with respiratory issues. I’d recommend the Vapor Genie pipe style vaporizer to anyone with an interest in vaporizing but very little experience.

Included in the Vapor Genie Pipe Vaporizer:

  • Classic VaporGenie
  • Removable Mouthpiece
  • Top With Ceramic Filter
  • User Manual