Vaporizer Accessories

Vaporizer Accessories and Parts

Depending on your vaporizer, you’re going to have some maintenance and broken parts. Whether it’s a glass piece that broke, a coil that went out or a clearomizer you want to replace, get ready for some vaporizer accessories. Sometimes you may have out vaped your battery and need a new one after your one year warranty runs out. Not all vape parts are meant to last you a really long time. Some go out quick.

510 Thread Connection

One of the most universal threading that connect the chamber or atomizer to the battery is a 510 thread. This means the threads Metric Tap equivalent is 7mm x 0.5. Just about all vape pens are 510 thread which means this is the universal threading for vapes.


Clearomizers are a clear tank where you pour your e-liquid into which also shows the measurement of how much you poured into the tank. It usually goes up to 1.6mL. The inside coil can often burn out or start to taste nasty after a couple weeks. You will need to either replace it if it’s a rebuildable atomizer or just get a new one. Once you’re done with that flavor liquid, you can wash it out, dry it, and pour the new flavor in.


Chambers for dry herbs or wax are also a replacement part for vaporizer attachments. They can also be 510 thread or for the specific device they came with. For herbs they are generally a ceramic deep chamber that allows you to pack about .2 grams. The coil is usually a flat circular coil in the shape like a “@”. For wax chambers, they are usually surrounded by titanium with a silica wick wrapped around a coil.

Glass Globe

The glass globe vaporizer comes with a glass globe along with the atomizer inside which houses the coil. It is one of the most reliable devices yet just like any unit, vape parts will be necessary. The ceramic or titanium coil has a silica wick wrapped around the coil. This can get brittle and loose after many weeks of continuous use. Poking at it with a dab tool can also break it. The bottom base can also stop working if the concentrates leak down onto the base thread.


When it comes to vaporizer accessories, batteries are one of the most important. They give power to your atomizer and vaporize your materials. Batteries are the power behind all that. It is usually good to go with a battery that will be able to change the temperature or voltage selection. Batteries can also vary in thread connection but for the most part they are 510 thread. Some companies like Grenco Science and Atmos have their own threading. Batteries are definitely one of the most vape pen parts which I recommend having multiple of.


Grinders are important vape accessories when it comes to your dry herb vaporizers. Regardless of your vape pen, you don’t want to just take a huge chunk of herb and stick it in your herbal chamber. You always want to make sure its ground up so they get an even heat distribution all around. Using your fingers can work too but if it’s too sticky, it will ruin the experience and get your vape unit dirty too. Simply load your herbs into the grinder and turn it until you feel they are small enough to heat properly. You don’t necessarily want it to turn into powder. Some mouthpieces won’t be able to filter it so you will get a load of dry herbs in your mouth.