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Volcano Vaporizer
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If you are in the market for a brand new desktop herbal vaporizer then you will love the Volcano Classic Vaporizer which happens to be a desktop forced air dry herb vaporizer. This vaporizer provides several advantages over other brands and products that are equal to it in size and capacity. By enabling truly relaxing and superior vaping, the Volcano Vaporizer is an incredibly modern take on the traditional balloon vaporizer of the past.

The Volcano Classic comes with several accessories included in the kit which include an air filter set, an herbal filling chamber, a liquid pad, and even a grinder. These accessories contribute to the overall cost and also showcase what an incredible deal the unit is. Here are some of our favorite aspects of this desktop herbal vaporizer.

Highlights from the Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer lives up to the expectations of even the toughest vape user. Utilizing patented technology, the vaporizer eliminates toxins in aromatherapy products and dry herbs so users can vape confidently. Common toxins such as tar, carcinogens and even some metals are removed during the vaping process, leaving nothing but beautiful smooth vape. Other forced air dry herb vape products simply do not have the technology to reduce the harmful side effects of aromatherapy, but through the volcano vaporizers, users get what they are looking for. An additional benefit to the patented technology used in this device is an intensification of the active ingredients in the user’s herbs. According to Storz & Bickel, users experience a full 75 percent stronger vape then traditional vaping products. This is a profound difference worth noting.

Because this is a desktop herbal vaporizer, the unit is based on a balloon design that fills with the active ingredients waiting for the user to inhale the balloon. A convenient and comfortable mouthpiece is provided which allows for a clean and unclogged vaping experience. The balloon can also be detached, making the device semi-portable. This is completely safe and does not detract from the taste and intensity of the vape. In fact, users can store their vape for up to 8 hours inside the balloon and inhale it whenever it is convenient for them.

Another highlight of the Volcano Vaporizer is its easy valve. Unlike other brands, this vaporizer comes ready to use with an Easy Valve that can be replaced as needed. However, users won’t have to continue to remove and attach the valve every time they use the unit. This is a major bonus for active vaper fans.

Additional Features

Safety is of the utmost concern for all vaper users and vaporizer manufactures, and Volcano Vaporizers lives up to industry standards. As a forced air dry herb vape, the unit produces extremely high temperatures, but each device has been tested and certified to be both safe and of the purest quality.

The unit’s body is constructed from aluminum, and can, therefore, withstand high temperatures of up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Speaking of the temperature, users can choose their vaporization preferences with this desktop herbal vaporizer. Starting at 266 degrees, the vaporizer continues to go up from there and allows users to choose the appropriate settings according to their needs. The electromechanical design of the Volcano Vaporizer is by far superior to many other vaporizers on the market. Learn on the certain herb you are looking to vaporize as different herbs have different vaporization and combustion levels.

Additionally, a three-year warranty comes along with the product so users can be confident that they will get plenty of use out of it for years to come. Weighing in at just 3.5 pounds, the Volcano forced-air herbal vape is everything it should be. The internal air pump and the high-performance heating cartridges enable users to experience the highest quality vape available in one single and superior desktop herbal vaporizer.

Why Choose the Volcano Classic Vaporizer?

Superior design, high heat flexibility, and clean vape are all advantages to purchasing this incredible unit. It is also important to note that you can take the balloon with you as you move about throughout the day, simply because you can store vape for up to 8 hours after its ready. These features come together to form one incredible desktop herbal vaporizer that is perfect for any avid vaper who needs a unit they can count own. Check out the amazing forced air dry herb vape that many are saying is easily hands down the best vaporizer, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer  is waiting for you.