X-Max Ace Dry Herb Vaporizer


X-max Ace Vaporizer
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Style is important when it comes to picking out the right vaporizer. After all, this is a product that you are going to be carrying with you and using nearly everywhere. As such, it is important that stylish (and functional) vape devices are brought to the forefront to receive the attention that they deserve. In this guide, we will be taking a look at the XMax Ace, a stylish, handheld dry herb vaporizer that may just be your next vaporizer purchase. 


Small but mighty, the XMax Ace is a high-quality dry herb vaporizer that includes all of the functions you would expect out of a stellar vaporizer and more. At first glance, you can see why the XMax Ace receives the positive attention that it does. With two different design options (one, a style black carbon metal design and the other, a handsome wood finish), anyone who wants to have high-quality vape sessions that will both look and feel great is sure to get the most out of this product. 

Heat Up Time

The XMax Ace boasts an impressive 20-second heat-up time, which, when combined with its boost feature that helps you get to a desirable temperature for your herbs in less time, makes it easy to vape wherever you may find yourself. 

Precision Temperature Control

Want full control over your vaping sessions? The good news is that the XMax Ace comes with precision temperature control, allowing you to find the perfect heat level for your dry herbs with a range of 212°- 464° F. Given this product’s relatively low price, this is an excellent feature that will truly add to the overall experience you have when vaping. 


If you are someone who likes to have backup power for your device, the XMax Ace features a 18650, 2600mAh removable battery that lasts for approximately 70 minutes on a full charge. Given that these types of batteries are regularly used in vape devices, simply have one pre-charged on hand, take out the dead one and recharge it, and insert the full one for another 70 minutes of vaping. 


The airflow on the XMax Ace is considered to be much better than similar options on the market, offering a 100 percent isolated airflow path that travels from the ceramic to the ceramic mouthpiece, providing you with clean, high-quality hits every time. 

How to Use the XMax Ace

The XMax Ace operates like most dry herb vapes. Remove the mouthpiece, load the dry herbs into the inner chamber, replace the mouthpiece, turn your device on using the button located on the side, change the temperature using the additional buttons placed next to each other (the temperature will show on the LED screen), and begin vaping when ready! This product also comes with a self-cleaning tool. When you are finished vaping, remove the mouthpiece and push the sliding button located on the front of your vape. This will clear out any leftover mess!

Looking for a stylish portable vape for your dry herbs? The brief overview of the XMax Ace will help you learn all you need to know about this product before you decide to add it to your collection!