XVape X-MAX Starry Vaporizer (V3)


Xmax Starry V3 Vaporizer
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The X-MAX Starry Vaporizer by X-VAPE is a that is continually built upon and improved by the company, a trait that is reflected in the overall quality of this portable vaporizer. If you are a fan of any of the other X-VAPE products, you will certainly be impressed by this new model. Let’s take a closer look at how the X-MAX Starry Vaporizer performs and what it has to offer. 


Despite its small size and its generous price point, the X-MAX Starry Vaporizer is an excellent example of a functional and well-built product. Here is a further review of the two most important part of the vaporizer’s capabilities. 


While the X-MAX Starry Vaporizer uses basic materials such as a ceramic oven and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece to maintain the overall flavor as the vapors travel throughout the small device, the overall outcome of this design is an excellent vaporizing experience. In terms of both size and substance, the vapors that are produced by the Starry vaporizer are said to be great as the taste is protected by the inner design and the temperature range is able to produce much larger clouds than the average vaporizer. For the most part, many users are happy with this but there are some that said the overall vapor quality may decline as the session goes on. 


It may be hard to believe but the overall build of the device may even be more impressive than the vapor output of the device once you start it up! The X-MAX Starry Vaporizer is a small, compact vaporizer that features an anodized aluminum body for added protection from internal damage, a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece attached to the top of the device that magnetically snaps on when you begin using it, and an LED display with simple controls that allow you to control your vaporization experience. Given that X-VAPE has been consistently working on this product, we can see the amount of work and attention to detail reflected in this product. 


Regarding the airflow of this vaporizer, it has often been described as average and you won’t typically have any issues with using the product unless you overpack it and don’t allow enough room for vapors to travel in between your weed or other herbs of choice. As with any vaporizer, it is important that you make sure to clean your device often as residue can quickly build up in the mouthpiece and in the screen between the mouthpiece and the inner chamber. If you fail to clean the inside of your vape, this build up will greatly impact the airflow and you will experience far more draw resistance than typical of the device. 


As we stated earlier, the X-MAX Starry Vaporizer is a very compact design and comes with plenty of features that help to enhance this portability. Here are a few of the most notable features of this device: 

How to Use the X Max Starry Vaporizer

To start using your X-MAX vaporizer, simply remove the mouthpiece of the device to reveal the inner chamber underneath. Grind your herb of choice until it is fine (but not powdery) and firmly pack it into the chamber. Once filled, put your mouthpiece back onto your device and activate your vaporizer by holding down the top button for a few seconds. Once on, you can then adjust your temperature by using the bottom two buttons until you reach your desired vaping temp. After you have selected your temperature, the device will buzz to let you know that it has heated to your selection. You are ready to vape! 

Battery Life

The Starry vaporizer comes equipped with a 18650 battery that is said to be able to handle 80 minutes of vaping overall before it needs to be charged. While this may not be much time for vape enthusiasts who have many sessions throughout the day, the good news is that they designed this vaporizer with a removable battery so that you can always have a charged backup on hand while you charge your dead battery. If you do not have a battery, the makers have also added pass through charging capabilities so that you can use your vaporizer while it charges. 

Heat Up Time 

Those who are looking for a vape that can quickly heat up have to look no further as the X-MAX Starry Vaporizer can reach a cool 390° F in just 25 seconds and can reach its highest temperature within 35 seconds. The temperature range for this product is between 212° and 464° F (100° - 240° C).


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