Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer


Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer
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There are three types of vaporizers on the market: budget-vapes, average vapes, and vapes that are higher-end and exceed expectations when it comes to the quality of their build and experience. Zeus Arc GT is considered to be one that falls into the final category, providing vape users with a product that will not only provide them with the vape sessions but go above and beyond. But how did the Zeus Arc GT gain this reputation? More importantly, is it one that it deserves? To better answer these questions, let’s take a look a the Zeus Arc GT and what it has to offer. 


If you’re worried that you aren’t going to get the portability and discretion that you require out of other vape products, the Zeus Arc GT vaporizer completely eliminates this concern. Standing at only three-and-a-half inches, this sleek, compact dry herbal vaporizer is not only great looking but excellent for anyone looking for the smallest vape options possible. There are also many other design elements that make this a stand-out product, but we will get into those further in this review. 


Despite its small size, the Zeus Arc GT is built to surpass the performance of other vape devices. If you want something that is easy to use, offers luxury components, and provides you with the precision needed to unlock the potential of your dry herbs, you are sure to enjoy the Zeus Arc GT. 


Both in regards to usability and vapor quality, the Zeus Arc GT offers a seamless experience, producing a smooth, flavorful vapor that will surprise you when you first take a hit from the compact body. If you truly love vaping and want something that will make each vape session great, you will love this product. 

Temperature Control

The one “flaw” in this vape is the fact that it does not offer precision temperature control. However, it does offer three temperature presets, which include 401°F, 419°F, and 437°F. If you can overlook this minor detail, you will reap the other benefits that the Zeus Arc GT has to offer. 

Gold Components

Wait, this product contains gold? Yes! Having gold components is one of the major highlights of this device and one that serves to boost the quality of your dry herb vapors. Both the inner chamber and the vapor pathway are made of gold, resulting in a one-of-a-kind vaping experience that is sure to insight envy in other vape enthusiasts around you. 

Improved Vapor

As stated above, the addition of the gold components offers an improved vapor experience. Although the mouthpiece is relatively close to the oven, hits are not overly hot. Rather, the vapor produced by the Zeus Arc GT is said to be smooth, flavorful, and perfectly tailored to the needs of you and your herbs. 

How to Use the Zeus Arc GT

The Zeus Arc GT’s small size proves to be very helpful in its ease-of-use. To start using your Zeus Arc GT, all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece, fill the chamber and use the multi-tool to tamp it down, put the mouthpiece back and hold down the power button for two seconds, tap the mouthpiece to alternate between heating cycles, and take a hit once heating is complete. The heat-up time does take 75 to 90 seconds, so will you have to wait a bit until your herbs are ready to be vaporized. 

Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. If the Zeus Arc GT has caught your eye, the guide above will tell you everything you need to know about this vape before you try it!